Autarchy vs Anarchy by Robert LeFerve – 1965


Synopsis:Some time ago I “converted”, or more accurately, was convinced by rational arguments, from anarchy to agorism.

On 2016-March-12, I encountered an extremely rational and persuasive argument by Robert LeFerve from 1965 that has more convincingly “converted” me to AUTARCHY.

Auto means self. Archy means rule.  Autarchy *IS* self-rule. It means that each person rules himself, and no other. The autarchist not only rules himself but operates within a voluntary context respecting economic necessity–and personal relationships.

Anarchy means NO rulers whereas Autarchy means SELF rule. It is a fine line but an important one.

Autarchy *IS* the proper foundation for the Covenant of Unanimous Consent. For a person who subscribes to “self-rule”, if that person so chooses, the Covenant can be the unambiguous written rules by which that person chooses to conduct interpersonal relationships.

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