From the depth of the ocean

To the limitless sky

Open a book, open your mind

This world is boundless

So let your imagination fly

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Culture of Peace in school with Nonviolent Communication Film 1 of 5. Behind every action there is a value.


Here is the Giraffe Ear and Puppet Technology (amongst other Tools e.g. and  and


My Role Play Sum Up, Tying it ALL Together via The Rainman Dance Progression: 



Role Playing The Creative Process


In a recent extemporaneous discussion I mentioned Bitcoin and Khan Academy as examples of the power of INNOVATION and Peaceful Trade in the Remnants of a Division of Labor Society. (You can now use diaspora for those who embrace such).

In that regard, I related how “Progress by Incremental Improvement and Prototyping” (PIIP™) EXPLICITLY describes, encourages and drives INNOVATION as opposed to something one points to and talks about after the fact!

Yes, as my fellow conversationalists points out PIIP™ is forward looking.  It was designed to INTEGRATE and PLAY to the Strengths of laissez faire Capitalism; Ludwig Von Mises Human Action; GE’s Work-[It]-Out Management; The One Minute Manager; The Nature of Work and Creativitywithout the need nor urge nor addiction to focus on others i.e. Disciplining NOR Command controlling and Dominating workers.

If you are NOT intererested in having fun, then what is the point? If you are and this Mobile Creative link begins to resonate with you, I would be happy to surf with you.


This had valuable application in making it possible for me to rapidly and easily turn a company–without a large capital outlay–from multi million dollar costs and loses into multi million dollar profits and hundreds of millions of dollar sales with a culture, operations and software that actually supports creativity and innovation.


With a hand shake, I was asked to catalyze and direct operations, working with C Suite Operations–as a Mobile Creative–to work out Branding and Creative Operational implementation of Big Dreams that made a turn around possible. I was not privy to the $560 million sale that I made a VIABLE fun GO,  but I was already positioning myself just prior to the 2008 stock market crash…

Whole Foods to acquire rival Wild Oats [instead of out competing they buy each other out]


Perhaps you understand we are past the eye of the storm and  entering the next phase of a market crash today in 2017.


Amazon just bought Whole Foods for 14 billion


Would you buy a company (corporation) that has this kind of reputation and keep their CEO,  Founder and Management Team?


Watch “The WHOLE TRUTH about Whole Foods (FULL)” on YouTube


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Why not buy Sprouts who have no such integrity issues and had been considered by the two buyers who vied for Sprouts and or WF over a three week period?


The “perfect” model from Amazon’s “customer-centric” approach: No Employees – post regarding Whole Foods Market Inc. layoffs
On Jun 19, 2017…wrote: Birds of a feather Flock together..


Playing to my Strengthes


If I was interested I might buy Sprouts, more likely Trader Joes by first shopping there and second, WORKING there with the proviso of buying the place…and besides Costco already bypassed WF by growing its organic food sales and without a one time spending of 14 billion to get into the business and WF Iceberg…in a toppy market.

An Empire Self-Destructs


Regarding Timing, tempo, relevance: ~ Pierce Brosnan



If you don’t have the money in your pocket. It’s not your money




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Mises Institute: The Skyscraper Index, which shows a correlation between the construction of the world’s tallest buildings and economic busts, was created by economist Andrew Lawrence in 1999. … Another general impact on the economy is an increase in the amount of investment and consumption, and a decrease in saving.May 29, 2014


Realization of that led me to find and pursue a different course, best expressed in this graphic meme:

Dennis Lee Wilson wrote about it in more detail here:


What *IS* The Bare Minimum…?
— article by Dennis Wilson    + Disqus Comments


What *IS* the absolute bare minimum that Voluntary Groups of any size–two people or more–need to agree upon, in order to live together peacefully and productively?


The slow motion collapse of central governments, following the historical model of the Imperial Roman Empire, has already led to conditions in which the Covenant of Unanimous Consent can and should play a vital role.


Given the above I personally INTEGRATED that and the PIIP™ methodology into my own life and used it to turn a 1 year sabbatical into a 10 year journey on “Freedom Road” traveling the US living in a motor home, which perhaps appears to be the answer to the latest most recent example of the Skyscraper Index equivalent i.e. Amazon buy out of Whole Foods.


My Freedom Road was partially Inspired by this: The Playboy Land Yacht, A Futuristic Bachelor Pad on Wheels (1975) and my early years travelling the world…

Indeed, Butter gets thinner as it spreads, Exceptional IDEAS GET THICKER!

2015-10-07 15.22.35

Work-[It]-Out informal speak for PIIP, EMBRACED all of Welch’s most important goals: openness, informality, boundaryless [BOUNDLESS], high involvement, self-confidence, productivity, creating a learning culture.” [Until he and Jeff Immelt got talked out of it because they could not refute what they were being told...(The International Companies that hired me post 2008 were able to get back to their goals) ] #15

#15. Get Better or Get Beaten by Robert Slater, quote of Jack Welch, 139.


As John Cleese put it at the World Creativity Forum, “if you’re racing around all day, ticking things off a list, looking at your watch, making phone calls and generally just keeping all the balls in the air, you are not going to have any creative ideas.” This explains why the offices of companies like Google are full of toys, why the workdays of the Mad Men “creatives” often resemble preschool, and why artists’ work spaces tend to be so intriguing to peer into. They are, as Cleese terms them, “oases” from the punishing pace of the workaday world.

John Cleese’s Philosophy of Creativity: Creating Oases for Childlike Play

IF you think this is frivolous, fanciful or impractical, think again. 

What is perhaps missed is whose interests are served by the nonstop punishing pace of the workaday world? And how does one see the forest for the trees?

Paradoxically all the reasons for leaving a business are the same as for staying. Market demand, supply AND desire as it relates to trend movements; sales channels; growth opportunities; branding promotions; the life giving pursuit of DESIRE; new loves, and the correct anticipation of consumer shifts of capital allocations to more productivity. To do otherwise is to compound wastefulness and misallocate and risk your capital.



Hi, I am one of the co-creators who has used Progress by Incremental  Improvement and Prototyping (PIIP™) as a way to blend creative and operational strengths in the midst of the “punishing pace of the workaday world” and without going over to the dark side of google etc etc…

PIIP™ is a system developed separately, in parallel, and later discovered to be the same as Mercedes Benz Bauhaus designToyota’s Kaizen, Kanban, AND Bruce Lee’s One Inch Punch Fluid Kinetic Chain Flow systems to provide a logical way to achieve break-thrus and increase the odds of finding, deducing and inducing elegant solutions.

PIIP™ often takes place one small step at a time and emphasizes the learn-by-doing aspect of improving production. This methodology includes making changes and monitoring results, then adjusting.

Large-scale pre-planning and extensive project scheduling are REPLACED by smaller experiments (prototypes), which can be rapidly adapted (backing out if need be with capital intact) as new improvements are suggested.

While PIIP™ may deliver small improvements a mindset, environ and culture of continual small improvements and standardization yields large results in a form of compound productivity improvement or “Continuous Improvement”.

It helps identify actual causes of problems and transform a current state to desired state with line worker buy in, using Working Prototypes.

And it ensures three principles take place naturally: process and results (not results-only); systemic thinking (i.e. big picture, not solely the narrow view); and play to people strengths (because to do otherwise is to compound wastefulness).

The scope of this article is not to present the details and the significant impacts of that–I can certainly address that for those who are interested [4]. And to let you know it appears very few companies in America practice anything remotely close to PIIP™ (Toyota’s Kaizen systems). [1], [2]

Not long ago, in its global pursuit of the Truth, the Consultant Debunking Unit (CDU) journeyed to Japan for a tour of the car-making facility in Toyota City. Guided by engineers, we heard a lot about the legendary quality of Toyota’s vehicles. Eager to show we knew a thing or two about quality ourselves, we soft-balled our hosts with the obvious question…[3]

Defect Methodologies Hamper Industry. [4]

Which brings me to the point of this article.

The above shows briefly how PIIP™ supports In the moment and continuem Flow, Freedom, Innovation, my desires, creative work and my life.

I use the term “Work-It-Out” in the following, which is less formal and more conversational description of this self management craft and catalyst I have co-created and used…

I see 3 problems in business. [To which I will provide solutions].

1. Rapid, clear, simple communication of what is critical [relevant] to the business. CF Nucor Vs Whole Foods

2. Transparency and signaling of Work in Process and setting of delivery expectations [without putting a work load on the workers].

3. Ability to [continously immediately surf with and] change applications and solutions to the market and customer demands.

Excerpted from Kanban Video Landing

Here is a high level informal presentation of my work with links you are welcome to emulate. 

In the moment I live in:

“I am a part of All that I have met; yet all experience is an arch where through gleams that UNtravelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I MOVE.” Alfred, Lord Tennyson quotes

Quote introduces Chap 27 in the “Education of A Wandering Man” ~ by Louis L Amour

In Chap 28 L’Amour goes on to state:…“Too often, the WAY taken is the wrong way, with too much emphasis on what we want to have, rather than what we wish to become being [rather than being soaked in my felt sense of thought thru values that I live into]”.

‘In Sinkinang and the Pamirs, the Takamakan and some parts of Tibet, when one party meets another on the way, the greeting is often “May there be a road!”‘ It is a land of frequent snow-slides, rockslides and cave-ins…’

“May there be a road!” Dear Reader and fellow traveller…I am currently reading “Catlow” Fri, March 31st, 2017. I highly recommend it. Slept last night and put my questions–so called–in one cupboard, in my mind at the foot of my bed on the rig, and the script–so called–in the other and I awoke calm amd contented without the customary start…I also had listened to

Watched “Marshall Rosenberg – Needs and empathy – Nonviolent Communication NVC – CNV” on YouTube

Surfing and leaving tracks…

Dear reader, a commenter in the Youtube link above answers a question regarding NVC as a process language and refers to E-Prime

I follow up on the issue of process AND results and becoming progressively less  stupid without the pejorative–regarding Re energizing oneself in the body of this article using a Michael Gelb, Da Vinci insight

And how I ensure three principles take place naturally: process and results (not results-only); systemic thinking (i.e. big picture, not solely the narrow view); and play to people strengths (because to do otherwise is to compound wastefulness).

It’s the Simple Things that are hardest to get right. But when it’s right, it’s really hard to beat. 

 2016-03-21 18.29.34
It is a profitable prototype Work-it-Out that I can point to and that I use to bring Together:


Creativity and Breakthrus

I see Three important aspects involved in Creativity: as it applies to creating Breakthrus and Harvesting Windfalls that did not exist prior to their being Progressed via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping.

Stephan Kinsella goes in to some (not all) of this in his article “Intellectual Freedom and Learning Versus Patent and Copyright”

Here’s an example of how they are INTER-Related etc etc…

World’s Best Teachers in different fields: PIIP™, Excel, Salads, SteaksWinesChef on YachtChef Branding with James BondTest Kitchen Culinary Chef, Sommeliers 12, Servers, Guests, Wine Partnershipsavante-garde RestaurateursThe Ten Worst Things You Can Do In A NegotiationThe Lesson of Lost ValueWhole Foods to acquire rival Wild Oats-CEO SPOTLIGHT- [Timing, Tempo and Relevance]

New ways to use that Knowledge to order and present organic salad ingredients
An Operational ordering/scheduling tool and World Class Chef-Server-Guest Appreciation of 128 item restaurant quality organic food menu that didn’t exist before for…

2016-04-17 21.24.12

It’s how I Ensured Flow: Super high end, hi volume–Spago Las Vegas style-128 multi item menu consistency; with daily ramp up or down 1-10k lbs in 1-5lb servings, using a cross trained Work-It-Out crew; working in facilities not designed to do what want to do; and at World Class level I.E. New York style: quick to market ordering & scheduling to table w/o hassle!

And it was a perfect match because it made it possible for Exec Chef and me to use both my Work-it-Out management style and the Ordering/Scheduling tool I created to very “quickly evaluate what was being offered and by whom, growth opportunities, trend movements, team accomplishments & deficiencies, vendor partnerships, safety and sales channels, being quick to (table) & to market, ROI platform creation and to build a strong exciting PIPELINE FLOW for each guest”.

It was how I was able to categorize & pair amazing varieties, ingredients and amounts of an accomplished Celebrity Exec Chef’s Test Kitchen food on daily basis with a trend movement, sales channel, growth opportunity--Paleo, Vegan & Mediterranean Diet–guests and 50 tough minded managers and their crews. What Anthony Bourdain coined as the “Artisanal Whole Foodism Revolution”.Indeed, Best Teachers, Big Dream Tool and Operational Implementations. The kind people write about as Revolutions…

The company I turned around did not have the CONFIDENCE to go it alone and instead RAN LIKE Chysler into the arms of a [in name only] Mercedes Benz equivalent.

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Notes: I have built all phases of my articles on within minutes using the Samsung Galaxy Notes 3 and recently 4, which comes with its own pen.  Buying the Note 3 will give huge leverage for pennies on the dollar.

I don’t use nor need a Monteblanc pen option on my Note 4 however this sums it up:

“Montblanc meets Samsung GALAXY Note 4” on YouTube

My comment interactions on are instantaneous. And the cost for the service is small.


PIIP Projects and Power Tools!

Here is 1 of 10 PIIP™ projects I am working on:

 Progressing Opsec and INTERPOSITION via Incremental Improvement and PrototypingAnd

Interposition, Work it outs in Germany, or go straight to Iceland


Ref: Mercedes-Benz is the main sponsor of the design exhibition entitled “The Bauhaus #itsalldesign” which started off at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany.

 Ref: Management Work-It-Out Blending Creativity & Operations based on laissez faire capitalism.

Addressing observation of an individual and his or her signature values (branding), to deal with subjective preferences and incremental improvements towards better understanding and better life.
Ref: Timing, Tempo, Relevance


Da Vinci Smart Suit!
I was searching for a Smart Suit Persona: Most especially extending from or into or thru a fictional protaganist such as Jason Statham in the Transporter series
A what-if part such as Uber Eats (you can use a 20 yr old car)
And/or scenerio such as what IF I use Da Vinci ideas and symbols ?, I II II…and sketching, photography to understand connect in shorthand categories at rapid go, no go, back out levels (and a way to describe and manifest that) such as building a harness out of martial artist belts to hold my body as if I’m in a cockpit, whilst getting in and out of a Prototype AMG Mercedes 500 SL, and using free WAZE android application to pick up deliver map, connect with restaurants and pubs and breweries (I carry an apron and cork bottle opener, for on demand segway from one gig Spontaneuosly to another) and perhaps fish mongers, and definetly with Wazer community to track police, car on shoulder, traffic, camera lights, or connecting with others, agoras, phylas, seasteads via and loc situs using x ray like filters to connect with them even they don’t know what a principle is, or what empathy is or self esteem.
These are ways I demonstrate my curiousity in more than 3 ways for a particular aspect and sharpen my senses, and embrace the blurring of the unknown with the known, balance my logic with my imagination, and my art with my science and connect it all see Gelb 7 principles of Da Vinci.
These are ways I bring Knowledge of Worlds Best Teachers together with Big Dreams to Create something that did not exist before.
These are ways I do work it outs such as Interpositions in Germany, Iceland, in your car, your boat, your everything…lol
Walking up to a client and or glance a glimpse of your mirror image in book store window, and notice you walked like Gary Cooper and Bruce Lee and as if you were wearing Bond’s Saville row suit?
What if you put your pen under your arm pit and pointed slightly up, which auto pulls your sternum up, your shoulders down and your body up! 
Moving the hands, as if juggling balls, Prototyping Mercedes 500 SLs, or surfing a conversation empathically I find it starts to move, articulate and extend and bring my mind, body, intention and action together as if Donning a Smart Suit (a persona extending Leonardo Da Vinci) embodying all 5 five high performance secrets [I’ll add the 7 Principles] and bringing that FLOW to the work at hand and relationship with myself and others! 
Juggling imaginary balls, or dancing in place, has an escaped adjunct–think Seven of Nine–effect of making that happen immediately and naturally for me and I integrate the hand to body to mind–Obi One Kanobi–persona channeling NVC and Spock Mind Meld…
Much like the Alexander Technique Swan movement re-sets my alignment, NVC sets my cognitive and energy connection and possibility for congruence with myself and others…

In addition, by asking “what-if?” or Observing what I’m doing out loud before and during and after an issue, I can and do literally talk my way as i listen to the spoken words of “now I am writing this”, into flow, in the moments of hearing myself. My mind is joining in a brainstorming (Donning a Smart Suit) mode. This is my version of invoking Da Vinci’s 1st principle, Curiousita in action (?).

See posts on specific Non-Violent Communication for a way of improv role playing oneself and others.

(See also the power of tea and biscuits–etc in prior post–(some sardines and raiman noodles helps too) as a (smart) way to get at one’s wealth measured in time). 

How to Think like Leonardo Da Vinci [from the get go]: Seven Steps to Genius …by Michael Gelb
In the center of a mind map (see ref) is a Versuvian Man. 
And then a symbol of a parachute denoting thinking in the moment AND ahead and emanating from that:

1. Curiosita and symbol of question mark (?) Which I drew…
Ask the right question: What ifs before and just before it happens? Recording outside box ideas. Acknowledging more deeply what is….

2. Dimonstrazione and symbol of 3 views i.e. notate I, II, III and objectify 3 points of View as an Inventor. Different perspectives. Independent thinking.
Imagining Guessing needs met or not met. I. e. I. I have a need for Care and love, II. What matters and is important to me and you? III. Being heard, please tell me what you heard?

3. Sensazione draw a symbol of sharp soft eye and ear, or tears or laughter icons etc…Sharpen visualization; the thing imagined moves the sense; post imagining and preimagining; La Dolcha Vita (the good life). 

4. Sfumato and symbol of ying and yang
Balancing unknown (paradox) because in flow, surfing, juggling balls Connecting …

5. Arte/Scienza and symbol of whole brain Balancing art and science; imagination and logic using mind maps with symbols. I may start by drawing a pictogram of three balls in an arch formation…for both 5 and 6. The Versuvian Man is a well known symbol if balancing art with science…so I remember to draw a pictogram of that.

6. Corporalita and symbol of juggling balls Balancing mind and body and soul. 
Juggling, connecting, Prototyping, sketching, talking out loud, hearing, seeing feedback from bringing together functionality and art form and or sensousness, see 5 and curiousity see 1. 

7. Connessione and symbol of double helix (infinity sign) Connecting all the above
By drawing Da Vinci principles as symbols I can immediately sketch out, connect and soak in and self organize free fall complex ideas such as below…(even out of order of 1 thru 7) and Da Vincian style
Watch “Benefits of Empathy: Empathy Builds Trust: Newt Bailey (6)” on YouTube

Some quick energy re-directions: More on juggling and learning and expanding and exercising the mind and body! Why thinking and saying “that was fascinating” works, whilst “that was stupid” does not. I dropped a ball, oh well…


The power of fiction.

“A [particular] goal is not always meant to be reached [in entirety]. It often serves simply as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee
A “Word for the Day”: Ideasthesia
Food description and wine tasting is another domain in which Ideasthetic association between flavor and other modalities such as shape may play an important role during day and evening.
Ideasthesia (alternative spelling ideaesthesia) is defined as a phenomenon in which activations of concepts (inducers) evoke perception-like experiences (concurrents).
I stumbled into this word while reading about
Ref: Perhaps useful mind map at 31.04 minutes and thereafter: actions that follow the 7 principles 


Gandhi Suit!

Non Violent Communication: Gandhian Principles for Everyday Living(Part 7 of 7)
By Miki Kashtan

This is the last installment of a 7-part series that looks at the roots of NVC within Gandhi’s explorations of nonviolence. The previous parts examined: 1 ) why the word nonviolence has a “negative” in it; 2 ) how love and courage are essential for nonviolence; 3 ) seeing the humanity in others, 4 ) appealing to our shared humanity, 5 ) finding solutions that work for everyone, and 6 ) moving from opposition to shared vision.


Watch “Marshall B. Rosenberg – The Power to Create the [I] Have The World of [my] Choosing – NVC – CNV” on YouTube

Watch “Parenting with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)” on YouTube

Watch “Parenting with Nonviolent Communication (2)” on YouTube


As it relates: phan·tas·ma·go·ri·a
  1. a sequence of REAL or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.

Watch “DP/30: We Need To Talk About Kevin, actor Tilda Swinton” on YouTube

Watch “Tilda Swinton opens up on creativity, fame for Only Lovers Left Alive screening at SXSW 2014” on YouTube

7# PIIP-ing Covenant of Unanimous Consent



In a recent extemporaneo

A language of self-liberation. To soak in each moment as if you are in your own chosen novel. Marshall Rosenberg – Making Life Wonderful. DVD2/4 – Nonviolent Communication workshop – NVC” on YouTube which lead into…

Deep Backup References:

Re: Thank you for this,  Atlas.  It is a treasure to learn the names of great teachers and explore their wisdom.  I am a fan of Thomas Szasz, Carl Rogers and Albert Ellis and Marshall Rosenberg’s connection to them means something to me.  Thanks for your time and attention.  All the best.


On Mar 26, 2017 6 AtlasAikido wrote:

Here is a new technology…


Watch “FULL – Nonviolent Communication Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg (2000) (Multi Subtitles)” on YouTube

On Apr 5, 2017 AtlasAikido responded:

Thank you for the feed back. I did not know about some of the teachers as they relate other than Thomas S. Now I do!

‘I [Allan Rohlfs not me] didn’t take issue previously with a statement about Marshall “crediting Rogers with alerting him to empathic listening and the smooth integration of thoughts, emotions, values and spoken words,” because in essence it’s in the ballpark of what I know.  However, more accurately, from Rogers Marshall learned empathic listening, not at all “the smooth integration of thoughts…”  Rogers himself didn’t know this, didn’t have an understanding of how to speak, only how to listen.  Roger’s did theorize on “congruence” being a key component of helping relationships, but didn’t have any instructions ever for what comprised congruence.  And at that time, Rogers was only interested in helping relationships, not in conflict–that came later.  Thomas Gordon, a student of Rogers 20 years prior to Marshall began writing about  “I messages,” a term for which he is the creator, in the early 60’s, but neither Marshall nor Gordon ever read each other’s work (I asked each of them).  So how Marshall began creating OFNR I actually don’t know.  For a long while he thought Albert Ellis who has an ABC system was important, and perhaps that’s where he got started with Observation, Feelings, Needs, Requests  because, (and I don’t remember well Ellis’s system, what ABC stands for), but it does have similarities to behaviors and emotions.  But this is a minor point of clarification. Nonetheless from Rogers he certainly learned empathy, and also the concept of congruence.

Allan Rohlfs Chicago and Los Angeles, US’


…’Mahatma Gandhi also influenced Rosenberg; Rosenberg developed NVC in part as a simple practical process – a “how-to” for manifesting Gandhi’s philosophy of “ahimsa” (sometimes translated as “the overflowing love that arises when all ill-will, anger, and hate have subsided from the heart”) into everyday words, actions, and thoughts.
[via focusing thoughts on underlying Feelings and predominantly Needs instead of what you think of someone or what they should do or deserve])”

Sourced from:

Recently the following became available.

For me it’s easier to chew on, digest and practice than the original NVC book, which I read years ago. The Youtubes fill in where the book left me the reader wanting.

Following up on Gandhi Principles in my prior note and expanding on that as it relates to Rosenberg and NVC. I found this:

I briefly substituted and connected “non-violence” as used above with NAP–Non Aggression Principle–as I use it here: and as further exploration of NVC.

I am keeping a to do task list to expand on Tom Szasz and Marshall B Rosenberg connection…

Thank you for starting these connections  I am now progressing…


If I had known or this was available–Sept 2016–I would have started HERE:

My favorite and to the point,

Watch “06 Learning to Express Our Needs” on YouTube



And Session 4. Watch “04 The Difference Between Cause and Stimulus” on YouTube…fill in the other sessions by clicking on free subscribe Marshal Rosenberg and playlists come up

Fills in on the book provided here:

Re: Session 1, YouTube 07

Here is a creative alternative solution to scarcity domination strategy of “controlling” or “teaching” others to get what I want.

These Marshall Rosenberg Youtubes provide the translating language for liberating oneself from psychological URGE to control others and yourself…the ULTIMATE freedom…

On Apr 5, 2017 AtlasAikido Letter continues:

Following up on Szasz note and Rosenberg

This was one google book reference I found:

And I found the whole book here from a prior book search.

I also found this interesting link whilst exploring the above.

Note to myself to do more Tom S searches…I remember excellent youtube I watched.

And I found this regarding psycho analysis being nothing more than a conversation and his love of that and how he was influenced by Ludwig Von Mises and (Hayek  translation of Mises’s Human Action–economics and behaviour, self ownership, non initiation of force on others, Freedom from religion, the State etc) and speaks of how William Shakespeare clued in on psychology…

Watch “Thomas Szasz Interview by Sheldon Richman” on YouTube

Which ties back to work I have done here…


Donning The Tucker Anarchist Suit!
Hints “I AM [Ronin–Self Ruled, not no rules] – Jeffrey Tucker” on YouTube
Hints “What [Non initiation of Force tied to action means] — Jeffrey Tucker” on YouTube
Which leads to a mind set and each freedom experience building to the next:


PIIPing Updates!

In a recent extemporaneo:

For the cost of $1 – less than the price of a Grande Black Coffee at Starbucks – you too can be the owner of a 58,429 deadweight tonne bulk carrier…Now!

There are two remaining. Joined together with a platform between, they would make an interesting catamaran foundation for a seastead.
I imagine that this is just the first of many connections and bargains to come…

UPDATE Feb 2017: 

Whole Foods is in deep financial trouble; sales plummeting,  FOLLOWING deceptive anti-labeling position with Monsanto –

 Update March 2017
Fwd: Are we witnessing the fall of Whole Foods? –

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Technology and Geo-Politics is creatively destroying what is obsolete and what IS  productive and profitable RESPECTIVELY!

The skills that are going to be successful are the skills that have always been successful in all of life, which is flexibility; life long learning; and working well with other productive individuals. And those skills are going to continue to create value. [Comment pending]

PS I won’t leave you in anxiousness, when you hear the following I have already provided the conduit and means–see intro to this article–to do your own thing. Yes! Revisit that…

Laughing all laughter, crying all my tears.

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Are you looking for an idea?  Me too!

The Roving Typist

C.D. Hermelin was broke when he decided to bring his typewriter to a park and type unique, one-of-a-kind stories for any passersby with a few dollars to spare. And people responded. Even as the project grew in notoriety, the spirit stayed the same – a writer with his typewriter, trying to come up with something good. The Roving Typist is his story.

image credit: Christopher Hermelin

#TheRovingTypist #short #film #documentary#project #story #inspiration #MarkCersosimo#ChristopherHermelin


giggles 108**giggles 108**

3 days ago – Public

With an oeuvre that’s both innovative and enduring, the US photographer Ansel Adams is almost universally regarded as a master of his craft and a pioneer in photographic art. Because his black-and-white landscapes have become so ubiquitous – commonly found on postcards, computer backgrounds and doctor’s office walls – it’s easy to take the beauty of his images for granted. But as Evan Puschak (also known as The Nerdwriter) shows in this video essay, there’s perhaps never been a better time to re-examine the careful, deliberate approach Adams took to his work.

Video by The Nerdwriter

On the other hand, I came back here, checked out The Nerdwriter. And found this gem: Watch “Neil Gaiman’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@neilhimself)” on YouTube

Update March 2017: Watch “Tom Ford’s Top 10 Rules For Success” on YouTube

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Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming

#future #library #reading #daydreaming#learning #knowledge #education #NeilGaiman#2013

Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreamingA lecture explaining why using our imaginations, and providing