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Why is this individual act, productive, profitable and powerful? Read on Dear Reader• • • −

Here are immmediate freeing options an innocent jew, in danger in Israel, can personally and simply use NOW…

That does not require fighting, appeasing, supplicating nor petitioning others…

Nor need he/she wait for Everyone In Middle East to be Given Own Country In 317,000,000-State Solution.

Here is an excerpt of a post I made that addresses that.

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In reply to: Nico Metten‘s article Greater Israel Means The End Of The Jewish State has a new comment The Israeli Government is in the news again. Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister of the so called jewishishness state, is angry at […] View

@nico I would say it is not only the US unique form of fascism and self talk–sacrificial censorship–that clearly snookers the respectable folks…

There is ONLY ONE ENTITY, its AGENT PROVOCATEURS, Social Justice Warriors, and those that fall for the assumed philosophical truisms that can pit the poor against the rich, the young against the old, the white against the black, this country against another and THRIVE thru Divide and Conquer and Domination apparatus and thinking, language…TIME and AGAIN.


<Re: “I am not falling for the trap of cheering for one side winning the war. They just need to stop fighting, accept historical injustice and move forward”


<Re: “A Jew born in Tel Aviv in the last 70 years had nothing to do with the establishment of Israel. Yet he is still facing the dangers of this conflict. SAME is true for Palestinians.

UNLIKE the Arabs, Palestinians TRAPPED in Gaza –Blockaded by Israeli States Navy to this day; Trapped by Israel walls, which Israeli Govt kill teams go around to bring tanks to bare on the Arabs [they have NO tanks]; and who are **TRAPPED** by Egypt’s refusal to let the Arabs escape from Gaza Kill Zone–YOU as an INNOCENT Jew on the other hand ARE FREE TO leave…

But to ASSUME and continue to MISCONTRUE and act out AS IF BOTH are oppressed victims is to fall for the Master Slave, Sanction of The Victim, Identity, Box, Burning Issue, Despair, Group, Indirect Alternative… TRAPS (See How I Freed Myself Article).
Blanking that out would require twisting your own wings of freedom AND the NAP Non-Aggression Principle and who is INNOCENT and who is not (under COVER of well worn assumptions), acting out AS IF Zionists/Israelis had their land STOLEN…
It is pure SOPHISTRY and PROPAGANDA and COVERUP of War Crimes AND Racism and Exterminating the claims and evidence of the OWNERS of STOLEN land, whilst the whole world watches CONFUSED by the kabooki theater…AND who can leave and who cannot ETC!
“The Balfour Declaration determined British policy under the League of Nations’ Mandate, which ultimately facilitated the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.
One-hundred years ago today, the famous—or infamous—“Balfour Declaration” was issued by the government of Great Britain. While most people with basic knowledge about the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians have heard of this document, few understand what it really was, why it is so significant, and why it remains so relevant today.


The main reason for this lack of understanding among the public is that the history taught in the United States and other Western countries systematically misrepresents the conflict’s historical origins. The US government and mainstream media present a narrative lifted wholesale from Israeli propaganda about how the “Jewish state” came into existence, while the Palestinian perspective is hardly acknowledged.


Reflecting this deeply ingrained prejudice against the Palestinians, British Prime Minister Theresa May earlier this week glorified the Balfour Declaration by proclaiming, “We are proud of the role that we played in the creation of [the] state of Israel and we will certainly mark the centenary with pride.”[1]…”

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One of the purposes for your and my threads I presume Nico is not to reason with those who REFUSE to be reasoned with, but primarily for the enlivening freeing enlightenment of you, myself and perhaps others who are not close-minded and or hypocrites and or just throw their hands up in the air and declare a pox on BOTH people.

The OTHER MAIN purpose is for those who are open minded to be able to GLANCE,  BROWSE and search the thread comments I provided and judge for themselves that its NOT HARD to UNDERSTAND what’s going on. I provide the following link for further study on CURRENT events, questions you asked in your article but for which you had no answers.

<Re: The Critical MAJOR British/England question….

It is diabolical that so few question how and why they are involved and what is at stake for the elites, players…

I will let Rothbard bring those who are interested up to speed. The major hole in my knowledge that Rothbard filled was the role of the  Zionists.

That group of individuals in Israel is as ruthless as the kill crazy hegemonist Neo-Cons in the USA.

And the Zionist colonization of Palestine on the backs of the bayonets of British imperialism….

I am grateful to Murray Rothbard for his illuminating articles.

He exposes British Imperialism amongst other things

<Re: “This policy of support needs to end. There is nothing to win from it…”

“Nothing, I know nothing”! Ah I miss Sgt Schultz! The health of the State…

In order to succeed, the Zionists would have to create a new adversary, common to the West and the Jews. In choosing to locate their colonial-settler state in Palestine ­ and not in Uganda or Argentina ­ the Zionists had also chosen an adversary that would deepen their partnership with the West. The Islamic world was a great deal more likely to energize the West’s imperialist ambitions and evangelical zeal than Africa or Latin America.

Israel was the product of a partnership that seems unlikely at first blush, between Western Jews and the Western world. It is the powerful alchemy of the Zionist idea that created this partnership.

The Zionist project to create a Jewish entity in Palestine possessed the unique power to convert two historical antagonists, Jews and Gentiles, into allies united in a common imperialist enterprise against the Islamic world. The Zionists harnessed the negative energies of the Western world ­ its imperialism, its anti-Semitism, its crusading nostalgia, its anti-Islamic bigotry, and its deep racism ­ and focused them on a new imperialist project, the creation of a Western surrogate state in the Islamic heartland.

To the West’s imperialist ambitions, this new colonial project offered a variety of strategic advantages. Israel would be located in the heart of the Islamic world; it would sit astride the junction of Asia, Africa and Europe; it would guard Europe’s gateway to the Indian Ocean; and it could monitor developments in the Persian Gulf with its vast reserves of oil.

For the West as well as Europe’s Jews, this was a creative moment: indeed, it was an historical opportunity. For European Jews, it was a stroke of brilliance. Zionism was going to leverage Western power in their cause….

Zionism: Pitting The
West Against Islam
By M Shahid Alam
Tehran Times

<Re: “The sad reality is that Kerry had to wait until the end of the Obama administration in order to make a very moderate speech”.

Perhaps I might moderately non-unilaterally speechify (point out) that this is kabooki good cop bad cop trap.
You are being PLAYED my friend. Plenty of company, but less so everyday…
<<Re: the main priority needs to be to stop the violence and not to undo any historical injustice, which can’t and won’t happen.
The point of the first article I posted on your site was that the RHETORIC of the ON GOING US-Israeli-British “peace talks” is perhaps going to be IRONICALLY HARDER to COVER UP with Trump and Netanyahu…AND that third parties may indeed be forced to step in…

Why the Trump Presidency Represents an Opportunity for Palestinians

I spoke to Press TV about Israel’s escalation of illegal settlement activity and why now is actually an opportunity for Palestinians to seek justice.

by Jeremy R. Hammond | Feb 1, 2017 |FeaturedIsrael/Palestine | 0 Comments

I spoke with Press TV about Israel’s escalation of illegal settlement construction in the occupied West Bank and why now, with Donald Trump in the presidency in the US, there is actually an important opportunity for the Palestinians to take steps toward ending the occupation regime.

*Is there a direct methodological (self organizing) individualism and yet relational carry forward / cueing spontaneous paradigm shift and freedom of movement  of individuals compounded opportunity right NOW if you can see it?
One fact is that innocent Jews as you, Nico posited do NOT have to wait for this new IRONY to UNTrap themselves from danger and a stultifying world view of MILITANT victimhood…not to mention the organic spontaneous order* that could ensue by PRIMARILY leaving, withdrawing, Seceding, re-Associating and Connecting with one’s own life as a primary buy-in. Which, I believe is the direction your article points to.
Now with the above in mind, the following would appear to make EVEN more sense than when I first proposed it in the blog comments.
Solving […] problems–*NOW*!

Dear Reader,

Reference: Open Borders for Israel

Here are immmediate freeing options a jew, in danger in Israel, can personally and simply use NOW…

That does not require fighting, appeasing, supplicating nor petitioning others…

Nor need he/she wait for Everyone In Middle East to be Given Own Country In 317,000,000-State Solution as proposed by Apollonius Dionysius.

As I posted on Nico Metten‘s article Greater Israel Means The End Of The Jewish State and here on this blog:  “UNLIKE the Arabs, Palestinians TRAPPED in Gaza –Blockaded by Israeli States Navy to this day; Trapped by Israel walls, which Israeli Govt kill teams go around to bring tanks to bare on the Arabs [they have NO tanks]; and who are **TRAPPED** by Egypt’s refusal to let the Arabs escape from Gaza Kill Zone–Jews on the other hand ARE FREE TO leave…

…not to mention, till now the organic spontaneous order (freedom of movement and paradigm shift compounded) that could cue, ensue, carry forward and spread by PRIMARILY personally leaving, withdrawing, Seceding, re-Associating and Connecting with one’s own life as a primary buy-in from the bottom up”.

Would this create a volt-face by governments? Perhaps. Freedom of movement of individual Jews in Israel to secede and reassociate as a culture would compound?

Which, I believe is the carry forward de facto direction that evolves from the ground up via self organizing autonomous individuals that resolves the complex problem Bionic Mosquito requests of others I.E. Jeffrey Tucker, Sheldman Richmond etc, but apparently not Hans Herman Hoppe whose Libertarian ideas he embraces. See Footnote [2]. Gee I wonder why not? See Footnote [1] and attached Addendum for possible answers.

[1] “More arguments FOR Open Borders—this time (unbeknownst to him) from the pen of Hans-Hermann Hoppe!”

[2] Thursday, November 5, 2015
Open Borders: Case Study

What the Onion Proffers in JEST, I [Apollonius Dionysius] Propose in ALL SERIOUSNESS”:

Attached Addendum

What Bionic Mosquito leaves out of his proposal is the fact that Israel is a country founded on land stolen from the original inhabitants who would like to have it back–and, unlike the American Indian, they have modern, legitimate title claims!!.

Israel needs a wall because they don’t want to give the stolen property back.

BM offers false terms for his challenge. Israel is not “libertarian”, has never been, and makes no pretense about wanting to be such.

More simply: Israel is surrounded by hostile (because they enabled by Britain and later US, created them) whereas Mexico and Canada are “friendlies” who seek jobs.

What Was the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and Why Is It Significant?

Instead of protesting gravity…

What happens when really smart individuals build rocket ships?

Feel free to adopt and model making that so! Where one actually leads oneself without squirming when asked to think like a free person, and without enslaving oneself nor others!

My focus is on those who want to help themselves instead of those who might as well be government:

How I Freed Myself.

While these individual–Progress by Incremental Improvement and Prototyping (PIIP™)–steps may deliver small improvements of freedom one moment of life at a time, a personal culture of continual small improvements yields large results in the form of compound freedom improvement or continuous improved freedom.
It helps transform a current life situation to a desired life process and result with individual buy-in, using working prototype chunks of freedom.

Once ONE INDIVIDUAL expresses self interested HESITATION to stay and follow the status quo, it gives others the inkling to go ahead to EMULATE, to do the same and or better! 

This is teased out here. While the following article is about Intellectual Property… there is so much much MORE. Here is a tiny EXCERPT:

Which attitude do you take toward EMULATION? Before you answer, consider that emulation is UNavoidable. There is no such thing as absolute originality. 

Everything in a growing and health society is an ELABORATION on something else that ALREADY EXISTS. This APPLIES to technology, literature, music, art, language–EVERYTHING.

As individuals, we all have amazing creative power.

Will you make it personally possible to progress and enjoy that tiny step process/conduit (AND result) flow; navigate and improve your personal moment by moment lifetime embodiments, experiences and prototype feedback reflections; and make it your own, without enslaving yourself nor others?


Notes and Scribbles

EXPLORING: Bringing the pieces together…

All It Takes

In a less-known variation of Milgram’s experiment, he found that when another person was in the room with the subject and showed RELUCTANCE to go along to get along, the percentage of individuals WILLING to continue to administer shocks DROPPED to  10 percent

And a MUCH higher percentage were WILLING to speak up to the authority figure [or cultural expectation]…

This research shows that if ONE individual goes against the grain of a group decision or an authority, it’s more likely that OTHERS will also speak up…

Once ONE INDIVIDUAL expresses [demonstrates] hesitation [including yourself], it gives others the go ahead to do the same.

As individuals, we all have amazing power. But it takes that one person.

Will you be that one?

Our culture in many ways encourages a perception of not having any choices, [sacrifice], and the complicity and SILENCE in the face of evil that results from that.
In the public arena, this perception arises in a couple different ways.
First, when in relation to an authority some often feel like [they] are relatively powerless (without alternatives) AND “have to” / and are obligated do what the authority says.
Second, in situations where we (one) fear standing out by going against [Personally Seceding from] some perceived Group or cultural norm…

Instead recognize aspects of The Serenity Prayer, NAP The Non-Aggression Principle, The Most Dangerous Superstition (Authority), and the wisdom to take Direct Alternatives (what you can control individually)…]

The last phrase should read:

“…and the Wisdom to tell the difference.”

How I Freed Myself.


Research in a variety of situations show the reluctance to speak UP TO an authority.

–[Well, yes and no!–Raw Numbers, Real People, by Jim Davidson

Is it conceivable that sufficient numbers, **DEFACTO libertarians** [mundanes], have already walked away And gotten a life? Direct Alternative Action without enslaving nor enslaving others INSTEAD of petitioning, AND supplicating MODELS volumes…


So much for those who say the libertarians vote (Seceding with your feet re-Associating with like kind) don’t count locally nor globally (or that’s not a fair “speaking up”) as it pertains]–
Well  known in this research–[EXCEPTING the UNquestioned context and cui bono–of who stands to gain?]–is Stanley Milgram’s experiments in the 1960’s, detailed in his book Obedience to Authority, where 100 PERCENT–[*I QUESTION that percentage*] of subjects–[UNaccompanied by another *AN INDIVIDUAL* willing to pause, hesitate, say no, to stand up, to stand down etc]–delivered electrical shocks labeled “Danger” to a learner…

Analysis of plane crashes where the crash was attributed to CREW ERROR showed that OFTEN there was a level of deference to the authority of the captain to the point that OTHER CREW would NOT speak up even when they knew that a serious problem existed.

The co-pilot or engineer would hint at the problem, such as fuel running low or ice on the wings, instead of making a direct statement. If the pilot did not catch on, they would then keep quiet (SILENT), knowing that the plane was going to crash!

Similarly, SPEAKING UP TO AUTHORITY is an issue in the medical field, where staff not speaking up to a surgeon or other doctor i.e. oncologist can [and does] have [grand scale] negative consequences…

Thinking outside the box; speaking up and acting when dealing with Doctors etc etc… Is it something one can EMULATE?

Watch “Fabio Lanzoni – Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Part II – 4/27/13 Newport Beach Film Festival” on YouTube

Watch “FABIO | Burzynski: Part 2 Q&A | Apr. 27, 2013 Cancer Is Serious Business | Eric Merola” on YouTube


What facts and actions speak louder than words? What’s at stake? What’s the questions you likely want answered and which answer the die-hard EXPERTS, skeptics, concerned friends and familly members if it makes sense to address them?
No need to petition the State! No need to be a famous actor. EMULATE the scripts. Retro-fit. Become your own conduit and advocate standing on their shoulders! AtlasAikido

Make it your own. Get the word out, so that individuals will get the message organically from the bottom up and apply it to their individual preferences, comparative advantage, division of labor, thru cooperation, EMULATION, trade of ideas, PERSONAS-Remnant-and yet to be discovered.

What you are up against… 

Gen. McChrystal and (witness the 39 comments on this blog) DISCOVERED what so many others before them LEARNED — from Socrates to Thomas More to Gen. Smedley Butler to Sophie Scholl to Daniel Ellsberg to Seymour Hersh to untold governmental “whistleblowers” — even, more recently to Helen Thomas — it is dangerous to speak truth not to power, but to ordinary people, familly and friends…
The owners of the political establishment know the truth; they are fully aware of the LIES–the bigger they have fabricated; the deceptions they — along with their obliging media and academic SUPPORTERS — have carefully manipulated into a perception of “TRUTH.”

The owners don’t want YOU to know what they know. Those who would DARE to so INFORM YOU get labeled as “paranoid conspiracy theorists,” “disgruntled former employees,” “racists,” “anti-Semitic” or “self-hating [libertarian] Jew”…or inuendo such as: “So many word to disguise one’s own guilt”…

When I [Butler Shaffer] am asked if I [he] believe[s] in “conspiracy theories” of history, I respond — in the words of the late Chris Tame — “I am not interested in conspiracy theories, but in the facts of conspiracies…”

Excerpt from Butler Shaffer
“Making It McChrystal Clear”


Indeed, the mainstream media provides information within a very narrow FRAMEWORK that serves to MANUFACTURE CONSENT for government policies AND STIFLE meaningful debate on LIFE and Death issues.

Jeremy R. Hammond provides insightful and freeing analysis and commentary from outside the STANDARD FRAMEWORK, challenging mainstream narratives, exposing government and media propaganda, and broadening the scope of the discussion.

He is an independent political analyst, a recipient of the Project
Censored Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism, author, and
publisher and editor of Foreign Policy Journal.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following Free e book

The Israel-
Palestine Conflict
A Collection of Essays at end of following article: The Myth of the U.N. Creation of Israel | Foreign Policy Journal