Watch “NVC and money” on YouTube:



Here are a few of Harry Browne’s Principles:

Warning: without reading the whole HIFFIUFW book some of principles can be too easily misunderstood. Such as the box trap as it relates to relationships. Get the book and read the part referencing how to live as if non-married before jumping to conclusion you are in a box (after 20 years experience Progressing via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping Harry Brownes principles and techniques). There are techniques for resolving such–HERE in this article–and a progression that only reading the book to create alternatives. Steering away from problematic strategy of making daily joint decisions and teaching [Dagny Taggart syndrome explored by Ayn Rand]! I have found that it is too easy to live in emergency animation mode unless there is an ability to pull oneself out of treadmill like traps in all their variations.



The CHOICES for me are: Progressing the Summarizing Clarity of the Quotes that come from my Testing and Learning my own Truth and Vulnerability and Care and Empathy whilst standing in the shoulders of the Best Teachers and my Big Dreams and the Creative Conduits I build and live in and thru that did not exist before…

Ayn Rand is one starting line and referent…

Marshall B Rosenberg is another for Language, Communication and Psychology…


How I Found Freedom in an UNFreedom in an UnFree World strategy and tactics



Its not actually back to the future. Its back to myself in transition.

Let me see this transition and segway back to myself –Robinson Crusoe equivalent finds the following sent from his friend’s 4G LTE Device and blogs and dances with it:

 A possible Fragment to myself:
“To secure freedom requires intelligence. It must be comprehended and self—asserted. To petition for it is to stultify oneself, for a petitioner is a Confessed SUBJECT and lacks the Spirit of a Freeman. To rail and rant against tyranny is to manifest inferiority, for there is no tyranny but ignorance; to be conscious of one’s powers is to lose consciousness of tyranny. 
Self government is not a remote aim. It is an intimate and inescapable fact. To govern oneself is a natural imperative, and ALL tyranny is the miscarriage of self government. The first requisite of freedom is to accept RESPONSEABILITY for the lack of it.”

“The passage is quoted by Jim Davidson in this article at

My friend Spencer MacCallum helped organise E.C. Riegel’s papers. An authorised, free, and complete version of A New Approach to Freedom is available on the web here. See Jims article.
Copies of the book in hard cover were still available from Spencer’s the Heather Foundation the last I heard. I very strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the topic of money[ and. Here is a brief excerpt:  [see quote above]”

How I am rediscovering my aliveness and the picturesqueness of life is thru soaking and living in the dialogue of CONNECTION…

Robinson Crusoe discovers Politics [1].

[1] Have you given consideration to the following question?


What **IS* the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM that Voluntary Groups of any size–two people or more–need to agree upon, in order to live together peacefully and productively?* by Dennis Lee Wilson

I cannot make all the calculations of what humans do. Nor need I. Pay the price! 

THANKYOU Jeffrey Tucker for providing ideas and a community at 

~ Ludwig Von Mises Human Action, Jeffrey Tucker Living on the Margin (the line between yes and no, between choosing and setting aside), Reinhold Niebuhrv Keep it Simple Serenity, Marshall Rosenberg NVC, and Dennis Lee Wilson PIIP, paraphrased and reformulated by AtlasAikido.[2]


 [2.1]  See Direct Alternative and Spontaneous Order and Footnotes. 

I want to [viscerally] and intellectually learn and practice Jeffrey Tucker’s ideas on Methodological Individualism and Wendy Mcelroy’s [Mises Human Action] Spontaneous Order by being mindful and respectful that others live on the margin with different yes or no preferences and strategies as it relates to each ones needs/values.

And to further PIIP that–Progress via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping–in the context of Dennis Wilson’s Sovereign Individual and Voluntary Group Bare Minimum’s.

And then building on that with such power skills as Voluntary Communications, Non Violent Communication, 3Rd Chair Mediation and How I Found Freedom in an UnFree World such that insights and strategies come together that are test bedded cultivations that give that missing puzzle piece next steps Spontaniety, more productively and profitablely and Orderly on many unforeseen levels and paradigms than could be expected or dictated by either of the individuals–me and say you–wedded to social engineering, command control, group traps, petitioning, converting, so called rationality [in name only] etc [3]

[3] Marginal Steps Toward a Better Life – Jeffrey Tucker –

**  Highlight


[4] A restatement summary: I understand Politics boils down to me and one other…Politics is an area of philosophy that subsumes Govt…Politics is not Govt and need not be dictated by such…How I live in my personal life and interact with myself and others need not get dropped…

I need not live a Jeckyl and Hyde existence…I need not become a dominator/dominatrix siren on issues of building relationships, roads, Berlin Walls, Death Camps, or issues of global security or issues with open borders. [See Comments Below].

And I am re-visiting Jeffreys latest Beautiful Anarchy article and site–



Which helped me solve [Anarchist and libertarian solutions to so called victims of such…] See Comments.

How can I personally OVERCOME complexity of using Knowledge of best teachers, technology and Imagination to garden, catalyze and create a new Power (skill, tool, experience) to PLAY, learn and create insights and flow 24×7 that did not exist before?

And How I can OVERCOME the complexity of getting out of the Domination Society love affair and Enemy Images and Disconnected Ouchy Communication at home, work and out and about?

Yes, Dear reader I use How I Found Freedom in an UnFree World Principles and Techniques and Direct Alternatives to create what I can control to free myself from Traps and progress processes that I can live in as I progress. A way of being in continuous moment by moment feedback, swwet success and failure. Use Bare Minimum and 3rd Chair Mediation and Non Violent Communication maps and tables and video demos on my Samsung Note 4 to help translate and clear myself 24×7 of confusions so that I connect inter-entre-actively with myself and therefore with others. Otherwise aspirations may fall to my lowest level of training during wobbly times. So be it! Let me find the blessing in the Wobble! [5]


To–for instance– ENABLE and ENSURE translation and recovery from 4 D’s of Disconnected Communication: Diagnosis, Demand, Deserve and Denial of response ability, without triggering or getting triggered by Enemy Images into fight flight freeze impulse habit mode…I have technology for this…See Giraffe Ears…

To be able to request and hear the need behind the word “no” in myself and others without getting trapped by Enemy Images and 4 D’s of Disconnected Communication.

For more information, visit
And or


Watch “FULL – Nonviolent Communication Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg (2000) (Multi Subtitles)” on YouTube

To request I only accept and give an UNtorn “yes”! (most especially regarding myself as it relates to paying the price via direct alternatives unless I want to pay a much much higher price and pave the way to my own hell.)–hmmmm

A Direct Alternative is one that requires only direct action by yourself–including wearing giraffe ears–to get a desired result [that I control and demo for myself, and the wisdom to know the difference, including dialogue outside of submission, rebellion and convincing, supplicating, petitioning and teaching] [Do and share that intra, entre novelist, stage, director, producer as a primary and live in it]. An indirect alternative requires that you act to make someone else do what is necessary–i.e. teaching etc–to achieve your objective. ~ HarryBrowne  How I Found Freedomin an Unfree World

To request of myself to garden and harvest Voluntary insights that at the very least I can PIIP for myself, Progress via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping. My primary focus is with loved ones…

Getting into connection partnership, openeness…

Secondarily don’t get pulled over!

“Call the Anti-Police”–locally, or remotely–from proto dystopian Detroit–to interpose on my behalf should I be pulled over. To lend me 24×7 support, connection, voice, expertise and surveillance via a 3rd party Voluntarist Non Violent Communication private peace officer…


One school of thought leads to what I am pointing to which is each individual doing their own thing also happen to create a path thru the forest of complexity of an unfree world, which includes such things as self correcting pricing, making and delivering Non Initiation of Force Security and safety and protection of a Non Violent Communication Language locally and or remotely to a whole city, which was not my intention nor within my capability as one individual to dictate…2015-09-03-11-51-31
  ..Human beings, left free to pur- sue their own goals, give rise to a social order that none of them had consciously planned in other words the phenomena of spontaneous order and methodological individualism…driven by dissatisfaction…even though ignorant of such order.

AND how can I flow, blend and build using the above 24×7? Indeed a new LANGUAGE with conduits that I can access, live in and thru (that has its own potential Spontaneous Order for peaceful de-escalating behavior?)

Watch “How do we get good in Giraffe? Marshall Rosenberg” on NVC Non Violent Communication.


And what learnable actionable context–for me–does this have with these articles by Jeffrey Tucker?

For example I sometimes do things I would not have done if I knew when I posted this what I have since learned from myself or Jeffrey. Perhaps I would have done it more what?

I can somewhat enjoy making mistakes (Progressing via INCREMENTAL Improvements and Prototyping such that the mistake is reflected back to me incrementally (sweet helpful pain) so I can make it possible to back off, RECOVER, reinvest and GUESS differently with myself and others).

Indeed “Keeping it Simple and SWEET”!

Wolf or Jackal types try to be perfect and Deny the importance of setting up PIIP situations and  Denying Debilitating pain.

Giraffe types like myself and Jeffrey and bloggers here for the most part probably try on the “margin” to become “Step” by “Step” progressively less Stupid or even using such perjoratives?

Indeed I can choose to process and act on MOURNING UNmet needs and CELEBRATE needs that were met. And get progressive RELEASE from overwheming complexity– (institutional gang behaviour used to create, us Vs them, and strategies of divide and conquer guilt, shame, blame, comparing, would a could a shoulding, sorrying, etc etc )–and thereby making it actually possible to have fun, learn, progress and harvest new insights and strategies.

KEEP it Simple and Sweet (and progressively less stupid and more fun)!

Giraffes know that life is progressive learning.

Most importantly “Marshall B. Rosenberg – How do I talk to myself about making mistakes” and providing an environ much like a gardener instead of a denier?


Cheers AtlasAikido


(The people in Institutions of coercion and punishment and domination are not becoming less stupid are they?

They are not learning. They use power over tactics and qualified immunity and Garrity priveledges. How could this not be given domination systems?)

Watch “Nonviolent Communication Part 1 Marshall Rosenberg” on YouTube


To this day many are unaware of spontaneous order of individuals in society and methodological individualism and human ignorance in making calculations for others. One school of thought leads to what I am pointing to which is each individual doing their own thing also happen to create a path thru the forest of complexity of groups traps, which includes such things as self correcting pricing, making and delivering bread or security to a whole city, which was not the intention of each individual nor within their capability as one individual to dictate; and the other school is social engineering command control theorists who support the state ignorance of and interference of and destruction of spontaneous order that manifests thru methodological individualism.

Adam Smith may not have been the first economist, as he is sometimes called. But more than any other social philosopher he popularized the notion that human beings, left free to pur- sue their own goals, would give rise to a social order that none of them had consciously planned. As Smith famously put it in The Wealth of Nations, free man acts as if “led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention.”

The Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises said in his mag- num opus, Human Action, that this discovery left people filled with stupefaction that there is another aspect from which human action might be viewed than that of good and bad, of fair and unfair, of just and unjust. In the course of social events there prevails a regularity of phenomena to which man must adjust his actions if he wishes to succeed.

Check out Wendy Mcelroy’s The Art of Being Free and Gene Callahan’s Economics for Real People. The latter is free at the other can be purchased anywhere or free at Jeffrey Tucker’s with a subscription.

My focus today is on: The margin in question is not a physical property of the event under consideration, nor can it be determined by objec- tive calculations. The margin is the line between yes and no, between choosing and setting aside. The marginal unit is the one about which you are deciding: Will you work an extra hour today? Should you stay at a party and have one more drink? Will you sign up for that extra day at the hotel on your vacation? Those are quite different questions than: “Is work- ing a good thing?” “Are parties fun?” “Are vacations relaxing?” What must be determined is whether the next hour of work would provide more benefit than another hour of leisure. Is the relaxation gained from an extra day’s vacation worth the cost? Our choices are made at the margin, and are made in ref- erence to the marginal unit.

When Rich begins his day, the marginal utility he expects to gain from an hour of work is far higher than what he expects from an hour of leisure. If he doesn’t start working, he won’t be able to eat or drink! But each successive hour of work is devoted to a purpose considered less important than the pur- pose achieved by the previous hour. Finally—let’s say after ten hours—Rich arrives at a point where the satisfaction he expects from another hour of work has fallen below the sat- isfaction he expects to gain from another hour of leisure. The marginal utility of the next contemplated hour of labor has fallen below that of the next contemplated hour of leisure, and Rich rests.
The question of valuation is resolved at the moment of choice. Because all action is directed toward an uncertain future, the possibility of error is always present. Rich may feel he has collected enough food and decide to nap for a while. While he sleeps, a monkey steals half of his coconuts. In ret- rospect, he may regret his decision and decide that he ought to have collected more food or built a fence instead. Perhaps the next time he has to make such a choice, his valuation will be different. He has learned.


The need behind my “no” MAP:
When I did not do what I agreed to, what need was I trying to meet?  E.G Education
Mourning the need I did not meet
What need did I hope would be met, if I had done what I agreed to do? E.G Empathy
How do I feel realizing in this moment that I did not meet this need? E.G. Sad and hopeful 
Moving Forward
Having connected with the “need behind my no,” and mourning the need I did not meet, do I want to renew, modify or cancel my agreement with myself? If I would like to renew or modify, what is my new “Main Agreement”? E.G Pratice Empathy before Education
The Need I hope to meet with my new Main Agreement
What need(s) do I hope to meet by doing what I just decided to do? E.G. Healthy respectful connection collaboration and learning insights that come naturally cooperatively voluntarily 
Three Kinds of Agreements: Main, Supporting and Restoring
After completing your new Main Agreement, would you like to
create Supporting and Restoring Agreements?
Supporting agreement
What can I do right now to increase the likelihood that I will do what I have agreed to do in your Main Agreement?
E.G. Practice Self Connection Exercise map. Practise Self Mediation Map with chooser and educator voices. Practice Intensity Training Map with partner or friend.

Restoring agreement?

If I do not do what you agreed to do in the Main Agreement, then what will I do? Use the form of an “If … then … .” statement. If I do not follow through on my Main agreement, then I will E.G PIIP Progress by Incremental Improvement and Prototyping.

A venue and environ to share and catalyze what is alive in me and what supports and Grants me Serenity thru my own choices and preferences (and perhaps others) a value of Order–ABUNDANCE calm, ease confidence consistency equanimity flow focus harmony interdependence predictability SIMPLICITY SERENITY Stability Structure tranquility trust wholeness (and feeling of hope)

–Via Accepting the things I can and cannot change–(I prefer Awareness acceptance Acknowledgment Communication compassion Consideration EMPATHY (observation, feeling, values, strategy) Openness Presence Recognition receptivity Sensitivity and Understanding)–in keeping with the individualism and the methodology of Living on the Margin (the line between yes and no, between choosing and setting aside as it relates to Freedom Principles AND The Bare Minimum and Direct Alternatives AND Division of Labor and Spontaneous Order)–


–And Via the Courage to change things I can and walk away from things I cannot–I prefer willingness to hear and say no and yes with Honesty Authenticity Clarity **Congruence with Freedom Principles in an unfree world and Bare Minimum. .I.e. untorn yes or no (and feeling of happiness that comes from that)** Dependability Integrity Power, Empowerment Presence Reliability Trust.

And from there to Progress my own life via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping without enslaving myself nor others nor denying my RESPONSE Ability NOR expecting equal effects from unequal causes–

AND the Wisdom, I prefer checking in with feedback QUESTIONS from prototypes I have built:

of Aliveness, Gratitude, Celebration and Mourning connected to my needs/values and feelings and observations to KNOW the DIFFERENCE (this is something I can also work it out double check viscerally with my whole being using 3rd chair mediation maps (see upcoming) as to what big dreams work or do not work).

I see Wisdom as part of Meaning achievement, success ALIVENESS, appreciation, Gratitude Beauty CELEBRATION, MOURNING contribution Discovery efficacy, effectiveness excellence, mastery, Skill inspiration LEARNING passion Purpose vision wisdom wonder