Taco Bell-Lee-Atlas scouting mission following up on:

Pictures on Taco Bell wall: 1st The Sands, a place in the sun with Sinatra, Dino etc Vegas

Blues Brothers leaning on car (I imagine airplane, Bugs Segal who made the place, Vegas)

FOH front of house menu Taco Bell “the happy place”. Ordered combo #6. The Chipotle

Next picture: Casablanca, my kind of cafe with Bogart, Bergman…

Next hollywood side Time Travel with
Marx, a Beatle, Bogart, James Dean, Monroe, and Hitchcock with travel stickers on suitcases

Next Abbey Road with Bogey, James Dean, Marilyn, Elvis…

Accompanied by Shania Twain “the perogative to have fun”…

Watch “Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman” on YouTube

More kitchen BOH than other store went to…

FOH, Back Of House more style, bigger lot. More trees – Good for brain..

Taco Bell stand alone different feel to store front. Not hole in wall. Old school…

Time travel indeed. Got fed too. With a friend.

Totally crazy, having a good time, with what ifs?

What if could park rig here if worked and bought the place…

Maybes are fun… Scouting a form of travel and excitement!

Doubling up on ideas..

Perhaps cue this kind of music…and other themes perhaps Spanish classical guitar?

Watch “Tango flashmob in Moscow City.  Танго флешмоб в Москва Сити. 2017.” on YouTube