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To RESET, I come back to being at cause i.e. Connected with myself via the Conduit or Bridge I am exploring, discovering, practising, emulating, living in and thru… living in (non-irony of non-pushing away) peace, love, autonomy, space, time, tempo and relevance of soaking in the moment by moment delicousness conversation of presence in relationship with internal and external voices…


Warning See Session 4. Watch “04 The Difference Between Cause and Stimulus” on YouTube…fill in the other sessions by clicking on free subscribe Marshal Rosenberg and playlists come up

• My favorite and to the point,

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Here is an actor who took his exploration of  best teacher skills to create Goals that feel better, Conduct, Conduits, “The Duke”, long term big dream goals that did not exist before moment by moment Progression. Watch “Getting Started # 52 – Chocolate!” on YouTube

And I proceed to browse quotes that point to empathy ACTION LENS here

“A [particular] goal is not always meant to be reached [in entirety]. It often serves simply as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee

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Marshall Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication and Money

In a video on YouTube, called NVC and Money (which has since been taken down), Dr Marshall Rosenberg talks specifically aboutNonviolent Communication and money. As he passed away, this is the closest I can get to sharing his teaching; I have transcribed his words to share how he thought about money – radically different to our usual way of thinking and very inspiring.
There are three main points:

Watch “Group decisions in NVC” on YouTube

Watch “Requests to groups in NVC” on YouTube

Which lead into the issue of values and strategies including emulations of moment by moment Connected Communication that I am interested in. Living many life times, without living in the mountains:


The above is where my new Startline came, from what I wrote here: When I took a snapshot of the article on Gordy, I noticed and sensed there was a paradox with Gordon Lightfoot, and a discovery to be made that relates to what I noticed about the Beatles and other artists including Ayn Rand and myself. And perhaps why some were blown away when Bob Dylan talked to his audience…

I remember yearning for such connection written about or performed in the TV programs and later the music and novels that surrounded me and yet when I open my listening and my mouth the adaption and outcome in my life was much like Gordy’s lament. The emotional stress has been beneficial: alcoholism, strokes on stage, 3 marriages…master-singer-songwriter (fill in the equivalent) has survived it all!

I have come to think of it as the Gordon Lightfoot (musician) paradox or bind. Mastery in delivering magnificent general empathy (observation, feelings, values and request) relief (satiation, illumination and freeing up of insights) to his fans but I speculate outside of his medium, perhaps not for himself or those in close contact i.e. locally.

I can imagine that if Gordy wanted to stay in form follows function he might prototype and incrementally improve his non stage interactions by variations of singing opera style, or tapping his foot and thigh and dancing whilst listening and expressing. But that I think that is far fetched. More likely its me trying to fit something that is not a fit? I have since discovered the conduit. To ease any anxiousness it is presented at the beginning of this blog article…

I wonder if this is also the case for novelists? Such as Ayn Rand or those who take on the arch types of her characters, without a way to moment by moment in relationship, match aspirations of real time comfort, space, tumbrils of a lock falling open love, truth, courage, connection, friendship, learning, autonomy, individualism, productiveness AND BENEVOLENCE to before during and after conflict, with mind, body and communication practice? And perhaps one reason of many the Beatles broke up and why it caught fans off guard? And why Bob Dylan interacted with his audience outside of his performance style only once in his whole career?

Dear reader (I am also reading this to find out where it leads), given what we know about ourselves in action, and in Fight Flight Freeze and such habits as the carrot and the stick, this is understandable is it not?

Isn’t also true that we raise ourselves to what we aspire to do but fall to our lowest level of training and strategies…e.g. “My fans or co-workers love and trust me why can’t you”? ” You must be a Denier”.

So what’s alive in me? What makes my life better? And a way to notice and translate remnants of “the feudal thinking [and behaviour of Universal Soldier] that kills us all” that Buffy Saint Marie commented on, wrote and sang. See comments here as it relates to above.

I have found and used three simple reflections of compassionate or Voluntarist, Non Violent Connection that are relevant gems to step into and speak peace and interact, whilst living in a spellbinding world of Enemy Images (institutional gang behaviour used to create, us Vs them, and strategy of divide and conquer) and complexity:

Update Feb 15, 20017
 Notes that lead me to the New Startline…

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Watch “Ladder Questions – Instructional video” on YouTube A conversation I likely will find myself having…How to eve drop on yourself…

The Conduit Watch “Connected Conversation Process runs into conflict…” on YouTube

Update Ends Here.

Old Notes…Draft…

“I heard the other persons (or my own) need for being [heard].

Are you willing to say you heard that need?

How do you feel when you hear what you heard”?

Sourced from: Watch “9 Skills of NVC-Mediation – Nonviolent Communication -by Ike Lasater” on YouTube

Watch “5 Steps of NVC-Mediation – Nonviolent Communication – by Ike Lasater” on YouTube

When I hear the above, I am jolted…

And now I am re-examining what my concern with Gordy is truely founded on by a using a Mourn Celebrate Learn Process Demo walk thru?

The paradox is perhaps my own unexamined blind side based on possible disconnect and the reason why it’s helpful to do a Self Connect Process and Six Minute Exercise Elements of Empathy Level 3 Demonstration walk thru Ah!

See the following link to get introduction and a wider intellectual perspective 20 minutes into this interview.

Paraphrased Transcript:

Sourced from here:

The rest of the podcast, as it pertains to answering Gnostic Media Productions claims and concerns is not alive in me…

I notice 3 things.

One is that the short three sentences from Ike Lasater give me a simple RESET lens and tactic.

The other by Darrel, is the importance of noticing the wider deeper context of claims, concerns, goals, actions advocated AND feelings, motivations, triggering, equivalents of splinters of the mind, hurling 18 wheelers of logic and expecting someone to unpack the manifest list.

And thirdly the importance of maps from Choosingpeace that fit the territory. And that all three help me stay in connection with others and myself.

Fourth I’ve come back to add the update, as it is a script and soaking in the clarity and clearing of the issues…

Bringing together Montessori, Gandhi and Carl Rogers…


I integrate and embody L Da Vinci, LV Mises, A Rand, N Branden, Bucky Fuller and Bruce Lee with the above and below here

Watch “John Kinyon on NVC-Mediation interview by Torsten Hardiess – Full Version” on YouTube

Watch “Ike & John’s Approach to NVC Mediation” on YouTube

Sitting on park bench Pink Floyd style is actually a great way to start to practice being in a third chair mediation mind set and big mind and voice dialogue to release and clear issues and access insights and big dreams…

I am looking for partners to practise and expand on what’s alive in me or you? …Feel free to contact me or a friend to partner with or go it yourself and or with John and Ike.

Mediate your life PRACTICE video series

Making it possible to get the critical 20% in the form of Maps and Video Demo PRACTICE sessions that you can use and practice with yourself and or form practice group for free…See resource links at end of this section and a tool you can carry around.

Would you care to join me on a jaunt of Marshal Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication using Ike Lasater and John Kinyon’s Mediateyourlife and Choosepeace maps?

Here is the progression I used to connect NVC with Voluntarism Choice Language of Abundance Vs 4 Ds of Disconnected Obligation Language and high lights using intellectual lens, whilst referring to the empathy lens. It contains definitions of the terms I have been using so far…

Most importantly how this relates to say the practise of hearing the “Need Behind the no” and it begins to dawn on me why a map that covers that territory would come in handy as a pre during and post way to stay in choosing peace i.e. when one finds oneself triggered by something as simple as a no, it can be a surprise. Perhaps you too find voluntarism and creative thinking and respectful communication and behaviour sometimes eluding you? Lol

The need behind the no description

The need behind the no demonstration

Back to a creative solution and tool I used to uncover the above and continually progress on my Samsung Note 4. I came to realize this tool when I got some insight on Gordon Lightfoot and when I followed the Music NVC connection I made with him to an article I wrote on Tim Ferris and the band Foreigner as it relates to creativity…

Downloadable Tables here:

Video demos here or individually on youtube:

Downloadable Maps here:


Regarding NVC and Creativity: If Tim Ferris can do it? Then? The critical 20% components needed to play drums with the group Foreigner, after a 5 day immersion course…and how he realized a fantasy dream. A follow-up from a TED talk on crash course immersions [1].

And this prompted me to come up with a 5 day crash course that starts with downloading Non Violent Communication into a tool already designed for interactive communication recording etc, with the critical 20% of article and links to demos, maps and tables for everyday practice and use in one place that one can carry with them and use during conflict and or to de escalate, and or to debrief oneself in a compassionate visceral way…so one can stay connected to creativity and freedom and loved ones…on many levels…

Similar to method Tim ferris used to fulfil his Big Dream to learn Japanese, swim and teach himself to tango with another in such a manner that made it possible to make it to semi finals of world tango championship…

I see three important aspects involved in creativity: Knowledge, Imagination, Creation.

Stephan Kinsella goes in to some (not all) of this in his article “Intellectual Freedom and Learning Versus Patent and Copyright”

Here an example of how they are inter-related:
World’s best teachers.
A Samsung Note 4 with NVC
maps that cover gamut of Voluntarist
Connected Communication territory

NEW ways to use knowledge to fulfill
Big dreams and have Connected Voluntarist Communication
with those around us especially loved ones and overcome
challenges of complexity (and
Fight Flight Freeze Flooding) and Obligation language

A POWER (skill, experience and tool) for learning and communicating that did not exist before.

Indeed“A [particular] goal is not always meant to be reached [in entirety]. It often serves simply as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee

And work it out, build out twinnings of holodeck [da Vinci space blogging, Star Trek phone communication, Empath, transporter…], AND holographic prototyping of existing proof of concepts in print transferred to your finger tips…


Ah where was I?

Long long long ago Gordy lived wrote and delivered “in the early morning rain with a dollar in my hand, with an aching in my heart, in my pockets full of sand, I’m a long way from home, though I miss my love one’s so, in the early morning rain with no place to go, out on runway number 9 big 707 set to go, I’m stuck here in the grass…”

For me geese are cackling, a flock of birds take off, ah yes, it comes to me now.

It is early morning again, somewhere, sometime, someone such as me or Gordy or perhaps you is dialing in or getting dialed into an intense unrehearsed role play of getting triggered in uncharted territory of Fight, Flight, Freeze, Domination Obligation language and mind set Habit… (I notice the solution is in the problem).

Why not rehearse a dialed down version of trigger Intensity Training with a partner? Tell the partner what you think triggers you?

Put up the time out flag the moment you feel the stir of FFF emotion! Step to a third chair of mediation and administer self empathy using a Self Connect map to bring it all down a notch.

What am I observing and feeling? “Curious and a little overwhelmed and agitated perhaps? Looking for my value and need for connection and clarity.

Am I still able to choose to have fun? Is there a please that I can hear, “Yes” and “Yes”.

Come back to the conversation or article when clear and so on. Debrief.

Intensity Exercise Level 3 Demonstration

Enemy Image Process  Demo


See also role play of Enemy Image

I am amazed how clearing this simple third chair mediation with myself is and that I have choices that I can bring with me on my phone and which give me access to essential maps of great teachers such as Marshall Rosenberg: 

Watch “Marshall Rosenberg – Solution for conflicts through communication” on YouTube 

Stop Dreaming. Make it real!

Ref: Extreme Lifestyle Experiments of Colin Wright using 3 point perspective of Leonardo Da Vinci.

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Preface that became an addendum

As Thomas Hardy put it in his magnificent �The Man He Killed�:

Had he and I but met
By some old ancient inn,
We should have sat us down to wet
Right many a nipperkin!
But ranged as infantry,
And staring face to face,
I shot at him as he at me,
And killed him in his place.

This discovery � that the other guy is human � [including oneself] is dangerous to the War Party [culture] of every age and nation. It is why state propaganda [and education] machines work overtime in war and peace and why free speech [and Non Violent Communication] is rationed more sparingly than any other commodity.

Excerpt about Joyeux Noel by David Rosinger.

While Joyeux Noel depicts when, where, who, what and how peace broke out amongst the soldiers during WWI; AND while highest decorated “War is Racket” author and Marine Major General, Smedley Butler are BOTH magnificent conversational icebreakers for me, there is a distance there that is hard to reach into every day and live in…Point to yes…Live in no! Unless  I want to go the Enemy of the State route of Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julianne Assange.

Likewise living in the world and tradition of a Remington Steele doppelganger, authors, poets, comedians (George Carlin), actors (Jimmy Stewart in Shenandoa) and or musicians (Buffy Saint Marie, DONOVAN, Glen Campbell, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Marlene Dietrich singing Universal Soldier) is closer but still too distant…

Sainte-Marie said of the song: “I wrote ‘Universal Soldier’ in the basement of The Purple Onion coffee house in Toronto in the early sixties. It’s about individual response ability for war and how the old feudal thinking kills us all.”

Indeed Women still believe that nice women have no needs/values; they sacrifice their needs for their family.

Brave men have no needs; they’re willing to lose their lives to protect the equivalent of the king’s property. At the same time there developed this way of thinking, and created judicial systems based on retributive justice that reinforce the idea that carrot and stick are deserved.

Enforcing the will of the political class via  “prosecutorial philosophy of applied violence” based on enemy images and 4 D’s of Disconnected communication: Diagnosis, Deserve, Demand, Denial of Responsibility that are designed to escalate Enemy Images and violence instead of de escalate it. And people self divide and conquer with this language mind set every second, across continents, across thousands of years…

I believe that this way of thinking and behaving is at the core of violence on our planet.

This mindset is not very difficult to cultivate, because all it requires is getting people Disconnected from what’s really alive in them (their values and feelings) and other people.

I  posted a segway to NVC and Jeffrey Tucker’s “Steps to a better life” as alternatives to blame punishment paradigms of politicians and a culture enslaved by Enemy Imagery.

Currently these contrasting approaches are further displayed to great advantage in proto-dystopian Detroit…between private peace officers and LEO’s.

Currently this alternative approach is further displayed to great advantage in my life: Non  Violent or Voluntarist Communication is the bridge I use to translate and work my way back to ChoosingPeace and live in it now in the present and presence of myself and others including Enemy images, fight flight freeze, chooser educator arch types, 4 D’s of Disconnected triggering voices…to make observations unconfused with opinions, feelings unconfused with faux feelings, values unconfused with strategy, empathy unconfused with sympathy, to cry all my tears of sweet pain from mourning my unmet needs and laugh all my joy of celebrating needs met and a natural inspiration to guess and learn.

Yes Dear reader I use maps and tables and video demos on my Samsung Note 4 to translate and clear myself of confusions interractively and PIIP, Progress via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping.

And here I integrate NAP, Voluntarist or Non Violent Communication with Human Action components: strengthes of spontaneous order, methodological individualism, human ignorance and dissatisfaction.

I have come to prototype a language and Aikido like moves used to stand down a multi pronged accuser attack in person and to flow with spontaneous order and human ignorance etc. I will come back and write about my experience and newest prototype in early September. First week or second…

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Forum responses that became articles:

Mal Roarke replied to the topic Nonviolent Communication in Action in the forumCommunicating Liberty Ideas2 weeks, 4 days ago

Something to be aware of: A possible Shortfall of Non Violent Communication as used by Kokesh is that he was unwilling to accept an uncompromised “no”. Put the gentleman in a bind. And that Kokesh did not know how to dog for his unmet needs. My opinion…

Saying it would be cowardice to avoid the truth…ouch!


The fellow veteran took a book and picked up a sticker when I believe he had said “no” prior to that…

One way to get out of wanting someone else to do something and create what in NVC is called a torn or compromised “yes” (violent communication) is to make it possible actually to be in a position to accept an uncompromised “no” respectfully and untorn in oneself.

Only way I know of is walked thru here…

The Covenant of Unanimous Consent used with Direct Alternatives

Thank you for helping me see this more clearly Anna! Meets my need (value) for trade, collaboration and clarity. I am both sad and happy that the need for Education was met by Kokesh but that Empathy (NVC) came second towards the end of the encounter. Understanding this by identifying the NVC components of Empathy–Observation; the Feelings; the Need (Values) and Request–in other and my self and sitting with that gives me immediate release from my torn feelings and tiredness and gives me space, energy and joy! A gift given and received!

I am happy there is a way to resolve the issues, which I have used and share here.

Update 3 20 2017. However I have come back to the drawing board…thank myself and you and Marshal

Watch “FULL – Nonviolent Communication Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg (2000) (Multi Subtitles)” on YouTube


Because of what I dis-do-scovered, ex-in-plored, l~earned here:

Mal Roarke commented on the post, The Rise of Radicalism, on the site kNOw Liberty 1 week ago

In reply to: View

@alexwyman I am suggesting here that there is individual preference. I am an atheist and you a Christian (defender). So what? No disrespect to myself or you.

Do others have to be either or? Or do others prefer to offer a hand because they want to help period and come together to do so naturally? Human action?

No obligation to atheism or Christianity but a free choice not a should nor ought to or must but hey I am going out on my boat and see if I can help some Refugees at sea because I want to more than anything else. You coming? See you I am headed out with or without you.

Indeed freedom in an unfree world; not my Christian culture or familly has a rep or history of saving the world and its right according to some aetheist or non atheist or agnostic or catholic or Muslim or Islamist, buddist or shinto, aikido or Atlas Shrugged teacher or maritime law insurance co etc etc…

Can I offer a hand here? For example: I know the sea. I can pilot this area. I can feed myself and my familly. Can I help? No reward no ulterior motive. Can I feed you with joy of a child feeding a hungry duckling. Celebrating and connection to life as a value. Do I really need to be an aetheist or Christian to enjoy such? Do the fisherman who helped refugees in Indonesia? I doubt it.

Fishermen Flout Law, Save Lives By Philippe Gastonne – June 05, 2015 The migrants had bee…

And not even: I am a good/bad Samaritan individual and as such I help others or fail to help.

Islam in Indonesia

I am suggesting that it is entirely possible there are values outside of an idealized personification of what one should be i.e. you should not be Muslim etc etc. More like a personal request to myself based on observation, choice of values and open to self interest and creative alternatives feedback rather than an obligation demand or belief in an authourity.

Freedom, morality, and the human dignity of the individual consists precisely in this; that he does good not because he is forced to do so, but because he freely conceives it, wants it, and loves it.”~ Mikhail Bakunin

Challenge the premise. THERE IS NO “WE”! (Nor need for We-ism). Individual fisherman helped themselves and others in example above…

There is many more examples of peaceful direct alternatives and methodological individualism and spontaneous order and solutions–outside of the WE-ist Group Traps–that are manifesting right now…

I address those here including the divide and conquer tactic:

Stop dreaming and start building some REAL sea steads.


PS I am going this path and sharing it. The path I took using conventional means was the difference between dating a Chinese girl and learning Chinese vs going to University of HK to learn Russian…