Using The Covenant of Unanimous Consent and Non Violent Communication to find….Freedom in an Unfree World.

Majoritarianism Versus Unanimous Consent

Here is an excellent intro and essay on how Unanimous Consent already works in our every-day world. It is one of two “founding documents” that L Neil Smith wrote–this one in 1989–supporting theCovenant of Unanimous Consent 

Forgot to add, I’m a fan of Work It Out informal speak for Progress by Incremental Improvement and Prototyping and Da Vincian Smart Suit Personas 😎

[Self fully]…put yourself “at cause over a situation… [I surf with the energy and empathic relief and solutions that are catalyzed via NVC Trim Models]”… ~ Doug Casey paraphrased, channeling Bruce Lee, Buckminister Fuller, Ludwig Von and Mises Marshall B. Rosenberg via Model and Trim Tab building that make the existing paradigms obsolete

I am guessing Doug Casey is speaking to the chains he has removed and the Direct Alternative Action he’s perhaps taking to be both productive AND to find himself around those of like kind e.g. phyles (in my case mobile Galt’s Gulches and Atlantis from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged) of sovereign individuals in an UNfree world. 

A definition of what a subscriber is (I’m doing a work it out with it): “You want to look for… [the division of labor and comparative advantages–connection context–in your own head and environ, AND OR with others] who will naturally trade specific things you want for what you can give [yourself] and or them… Not wages, [nor bullying but] deals [Gifts]. [Indeed there is way to talk to the remnant sovereign, non-domination, anarchic (not no rules but self ruler) empath within each individual, starting with oneself]” ~ Doug Casey paraphrased…

I am using Dennis Wilson’s PIIP to Progress and Incrementally Improve via Prototyping Gifts and Gulches (amongst other works only if it’s fun, a gift (memnoon giving self fully like a child feeding hungry ducklings…to do otherwise creates resentment)) of Marshall Rosenberg. In this case Nonviolent Communication and Money 24th November 2016 By  2 Comments 

In a video on YouTube, called NVC and Money (which has since been taken down), Dr Marshall Rosenberg talks specifically about Nonviolent Communication and money. As he passed away, this is the closest I can get to sharing his teaching; I have transcribed his words to share how he thought about money – radically different to our usual way of thinking and very inspiring.There are three main points:

Which lead into the issue of values distinct from strategies/requests and moment by moment Connected Communication surfing and emulations I’m interested in. Living many life times, without living in the mountains…

Related to putting it into immediate practice:

Watch “Marshall Rosenberg – Memnoon Concept (Audio)” on YouTube

Whenever you make a request of someone, hand them a little card which says this on it: “Please do as I requested, only if you can do so with the joy of a little child feeding a hungry duck. Please do not do as I request if there is any taint of fear of punishment if you don’t. Please do not do as I request to buy my love, that, is hoping that I will love you more if you do. Please do not do as I request if you will feel guilty if you don’t. Please do not do as I request if you will feel shameful. And certainly do not do as I request out of any sense of duty or obligation.” — Marshall Rosenberg

I did a find on “duck” and found related timely relevant info


Watch “Intimate Relationships   Marshall B  Rosenberg Part 3” on YouTube


Watch “Intimate Relationships   Marshall B  Rosenberg Part 4” on YouTube

Yes, listen to the rest..and yes listen to the first two parts. The above are teasers


“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you”. – African Proverb

Few minute Intro: Watch “Why don’t [I] change, even though [I] want to? Marshall Rosenberg” on YouTube
Spliced continuity before and after added here at 40.21 thru to 1.00+ regarding labelling oneself as late person, alcoholic, [and perhaps being a communist] while seeing it does not work and yet continue that behaviour etc etc
Watch “Marshall Rosenberg – Making Life Wonderful. DVD3/4 – Nonviolent Communication workshop – NVC” on YouTube
Herein and in my articles making that copyable, embodyable and enjoyably possible…


[PDF] Marshall Rosenberg NVC Quotes – Nonviolent Communication › pdf_files
74 Self-judgments, like all judgments, are tragic expressions of unmet needs. 74 With empathy, I’m fully with them, and not full of them


Watch “1. Basics of Nonviolent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg” on YouTube

Watch “2  Self Empathy, by Marshall Rosenberg” on YouTube

Watch “3.  Scary Honesty, by Marshall Rosenberg” on YouTube

I am interested in ACTUALLY MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR ME to dance and play with Natural Strengths within MYSELF, and Phyles or Agoras, whose members SUBSCRIBE to a Philosophy of NOT no rules, but NO RULER (Anarchy, Agorism, Liberty).

Here is a Bare Minimums Power Tool I use to start to SILENTLY FILTER Philosophy of Liberty Subscribers that play to strengths of myself and OTHERS reciprocating rights, and form follows functional dynamics of Direct Alternatives.

Functional Rights: The Elephant in the Parlor, Part II

“A Direct Alternative is one that requires only direct action by YOURself to get a desired result”. [Not requiring any one person to meet my needs…]

“An indirect alternative requires that you act TO MAKE someone else do what is necessary to achieve your [my] objective”. [Any remnant addictions to this, and the messes that ensue, ultimately leads me back to opportunity to practice Direct Alternatives…] ~ Harry Browne’s “How I Found Freedom in an UNfree World” drawing board and real world Shakespearian holodeck…

I set up my life so that Direct Alternatives are the case. It is a series of next steps. It is a paradigm shift to rule myself and want to only rule myself!

A context I hold in an UNFree world (remnant division of labor/standing on Rand’s, Mises, Browne’s and Rosenberg’s shoulders) is the personal choice to FILTER and place myself in situations where I will be around those compatible to Non-Initiation of Force principles I.E. NAP.

The  Covenant of Unanimous Consent’s 5 precepts describing actions predicated on NAP, make that easy to sum up, point to and objectify. 


It’s as if I had a spontaneous X ray capability to see thru differences in education, rationality and beliefs to see core principles and actions even if the person does not know what a principle is!

I have thusly started to intellectual opt out and step into *Natural law of relationships* and via NVC opt out of psychological/emotional URGE to control, petition and supplicate to a myriad of complex unjust non-objective Statute Laws, bureaucracy, persons and parties that hold the group over the individual. Paraphrased from “Market For Liberty” by Linda and Morris Tannehill.

When it is I ENSURING the Job [focusing on gift giving and playful fun] of living peacefully myself without putting myself in positions that create resentment, and taking the Direct Alternative response ability and risk *of paying the price* to make good my life experience, rep and on-going freedom–I am OBJECTIFYING Self Reliance, Security and actual Future Trade opportunities with compatibles.


Paraphrased form Harry Browne’s “The Great Milk Robbery”; and ‘Freedom Has No System–Challenge the premise. There is no “we.”’ in the sense of I and thou…

In the copy below, emphasis has been added…

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Each self full freedom is used to get another authentic soaking in of needs… of space, energy, time, freedom… in an UNfree world. Objectifying the importance of NVC values and Circle of Life and that I want to connect with…



“…In my postings and articles I have attempted to show how I think the Covenant [creates a new model instead of fighting the existing]… problems with the current domination culture and government, [and thereby integrates ]…issues/solutions that Lysander Spooner, Ayn Rand, Harry Browne and L. Neil Smith [Jeffrey Tucker and Wendy Mcelroy and Marshall B. Rosenberg] identified”.

“The Covenant of Unanimous Consent reintroduces the idea of personal responsibility [being at cause over myself AND a situation, using Direct Alternatives] instead of relying upon “other”, delegated people (government, wives, friends, Co workers etc) [Indirect Alternative] to “make”, care for and enforce sensible and rational connections, trade and laws.”

What **IS* the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM that Voluntary Groups of any size–two people or more–need to agree upon, in order to live together peacefully and productively?* by Dennis Lee Wilson



What *IS* The Bare Minimum…?

Starting from the basics of politics (the relationship between two people) and working up to more complex relationships, one should eventually ask…:

“What *IS* the bare minimum that two people need to agree upon, in order to live together peacefully and productively?”

A master/slave relationship (one of many possible political arrangements) might easily answer with:

“Do everything I say and we will get along just fine.”  “Yes, Master.”

For the rest of us who choose individual freedom and trading instead of slavery, something a little bit more is needed…

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Why is a Political Statement Needed?

Galt’s Oath and the libertarian Non-Aggression Principle[3] are moral/ethical principles.
The basic or minimum requirement for peaceful interpersonal relationships[1] is understanding and adhering to the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), a very simple MORAL/ethical concept that is even readily understood by most children. But sometimes moral statements are not sufficiently explicit or not easily applied to particular situations. Because of varying education levels (there will ALWAYS BE children coming into adulthood), understanding the full consequences of moral statements and/or applying them consistently can become problematic. In larger groups of people, applying moral statements consistently becomes increasingly problematic–especially when modern-day sophists specialize in deliberately distorting and delight in twisting the meaning[4] of even something as simple and rational as the Non-Aggression Principle.

Minimum requirements for living peacefully amongst other people do NOT require a person to be “fully rational” nor to understand what moral/ethical principles ARE, nor even to understand what principles are! Education levels vary enormously as do levels of rationality! 

**A characteristic of Political Statements—and a reason why they exist—is that they are more explicit** than moral statements and consequently, are less vulnerable to innocent and/or malevolent “interpretations” and deliberate distortions and twisting.

That important point is worth repeating: Rules of Conduct, such as a Political Statement or the last five of Moses’ Commandments, are MORE SPECIFIC AND CONCISE and considerably LESS ABSTRACT than moral principles, and are therefore less subject to misinterpretation and less liable to deliberate manipulation.The Covenant of Unanimous Consent is a five point (Precepts) Political Statement of interpersonal relationships based on and explicitly derived from the single moral principle in the Non-Aggression Principle.

As can be seen in the essays, articles and discussions in Footnote[5], The Covenant of Unanimous Consent REFLECTS a very explicit, sovereign individual oriented morality.

See Comments for Footnotes [1 thru 5]

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 The Covenant satisfies the objections noted by Lysander Spooner. Instead of being a document that describes how the government shall act, and a document I did not sign, the Covenant is a document that DESCRIBES HOW I WILL ACT and is a document that I voluntarily sign, if I agree.

Those who do not sign (the “dissenters” mentioned by Ayn Rand) are not punished, I am simply and clearly warned what to expect and prices to be paid and alternatives to start building if there is violation of the rights of Signatories most especially the risk and prices to myself.

When I do Not Require any election or lawyers or other Group Traps then I am able to be open and Free! The warnings would NOT be seen as “the will of the people” but only as a statement of the intentions that I actually issue. Me and you. If you are a dissenter who will not sign the covenant then you are not going to get very far in this community of you and me. You may well build trust and perhaps find yourself a de facto signatory. This happens everyday but not without risk….

I take Direct Alternatives to take care of the problem. It is waste of time and energy blaming the other person. I decided to be with that person i.e. Associate. I made a guessing mis-take. If I hate them it’s because I allowed myself to blame them, then I have become disconnected from my needs. I go to resolving the problem without strategy of fighting nor convincing nor educating them. I may look elsewhere [a form of Seccession, non-scarcity and abundance paradigm and taking pressure off any one person to perform outside of their capability and wants] to get my specific particular need met…I do not expect one person to give me anything nor everything I want or need. It is the opposite of compromise. I am not compromising myself nor the other. I am playing to the strengthes that no one owes me ANYTHING nor do I want to create anything other than Self-full gift giving and memnoon such that there is no resentment…I focus and reconnect with what my NEEDS are and what I want!

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  Gift for My Daughter

by Harry Browne

…and no one can be EVERYTHING. Recognizing these things plays to strengths of Philosophy of Liberty (POL) and comparative advantages of a remnant Division of Labor society.

I thought I needed to transcribe the POL video. I need not, the 5 precepts of the agreement, The Bare Minimum of the Covenant cover it succinctly and rationally.

It gives me and others the opportunity to Progress via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping.

The model reflects back what is often UNSEEN and unappreciated. It is a FILTER that makes my life richer, more pictureque, freerer and makes it possible for benevolence, live and let live and OPPORTUNITY for SPONTANEOUS ORDER to occur and benefits from that to manifest. It is a HIFFIUFW power tool that dovetails with Jeffrey Tuckers Marginal Steps towards Living a better Life and Mcelroy’s The Art of Being Free

Marginal Steps Toward a Better Life – Jeffrey Tucker ––toward-a-better–life/Proxy  Highlight

And Wendy Mcelroy’s The Art of Being Free


Fresh Starts…Where I started


Away from:

Watch “malvina reynolds – little boxes” on YouTube

To this:

I realize it relates and is PERSONALLY RELEVANT to FIRST standing in a position of freedom.

Dreaming about what I want. Comparing those wants to my life. Getting rid of what does not fit my wants. Using the proceeds of that to fund my new life…

Watch “Liveaboard life: minimalism in a tiny home at sea” on YouTube


Watch “Low-rent liveaboard life in high-rent San Francisco Bay” on YouTube

Nice. The shape of the roof is a hyperbolic paraboloid. Very nicely USED for that boat.


See “Stop dreaming and START BUILDING some real sea steads”.

In the interim why not try Harold Hough’s Freedom Road.

Watch “How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!” on YouTube

This–Dreaming about what I want. Comparing those wants to my life. 

Getting rid of what does not fit my wants. Using the proceeds of that to fund my new life–CHANGES the DYNAMIC so I am NOT HAVING TO GIVE UP things.

I am CLEARING myself to find connect and live my Values/Needs and FLOW within conduits of an abundance of what makes my life better. ~ Paraphrased from Harry Browne “How I Found Freedom in an UNfree World”

Ref: SFZT Starting From Zero Technique

Which in my case are baby step, explorations, feedback and adujstments and backing out via creative peaceful adventurous autonomy, connection colloboration needs and models and Trade with SUBSCRIBERS of such.

There is a balance of time and place and context for working with others in different capacities in the remnants of ability-pyramids and comparative advantages (self fully.but never for and never living for them to create any resentment or rancor) and Doug Casey begins to point to that in his Fresh Start article.

The above is my version of Doug Casey’s PRIMARY, Fresh Start, Incrementally Improved using The Starting from Zero technique paraphrased from Harry Browne’s “How I Found Freedom in an UNfree World.” And Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” And Marshall B. Rosenberg’s “Non Violent Communication”.

The SECONDARY idea is that man is a social animal, and we tend to prefer to run with others who are like us – or who love what we love. Birds of a feather flock together, in either case.

Doug Casey on Phyles