Hi, here is a Reset Application of my work, where I weave a selection of an index of articles (attached) AS IF a palette to paint and expand on HOW I Found Freedom in An UnFree World standing on shoulders of my understanding of Harry Browne, L Neil Smith, Dennis Lee Wilson, Ludwig Von Mises, Ayn Rand…

Some people follow a group, package deals, stolen concepts, contradictory identification and non sequitors…
And fail to distinguish Basic Principles implicit and ultimately explicit Unanimous Consent via Non Aggression Principle and Private Property Ownership and Voluntarism Choice to cooperate, trade, share or not…
Watch “Larken Rose: Land Ownership” on YouTube


Intro: My informal notes and schematic Connection Overview:
I was recently relating the following with a friend at a Farmer Market (It could have been on a Seastead or Freedom Road RV Supersedure Zones): What he was referring to around us is a phenomena called Spontaneous Order [Pizzacracy based Unanimous Consent standing on upholding Non Aggression Principle], pointed out by Ludwig Von Mises and [L Neil Smith respectively] where individuals doing their own thing via what Mises identified as Methodological Individualism [and Robert LeFevre as Autarchy–Self Rule], clear a pathway, where one may be producing, ordering and delivering say pizza, bread, and fish whereby they end up as individuals feeding a whole community without need for top down control. But Bottom Up and separate!
It was stupifying and against everything top down INTERVENTION and INTERFERENCE Democide Central Command Control School who believed it would lead to chaos!
At same time each has skills that are amplified in a division of labor society, remnant when they interact, carry forward and share knowledge peacefully via Unanimous Consent like people figure out how to order and share live and let live Pizza…
The Pizzacracy article may be seen by scrolling down within this link:
Only person can free is yourself. And it only takes one other based on Non Aggression Principle and need for Bare Minimum of Politics, less abstract than just moral principle of NAP…
What is NAP
What is Bare Minimum to get along with Just One Other?
I.E Witnessing History of Individual Rights, Recognizing Individual Self Proprietorship, Under no circumstances acknowledging Liberty to initate force on another…See 5 Precepts of UC.
Each pocket of freedom [Supercedure Zone Clause and or Temporary Autonomous  Zone] in an UNfree world. I.E. Phylas or birds of a feather flock together…See UC.
I.E. Progressing Incremental Improvement and Prototyping (PIIP) or Work It Outs (WIO) that compounds with a culture of peaceful individuals…
Bringing Knowledge of Best Teachers + Imagination (Big Dreams) to Create Power Tools that did not exist before that you and I can use without master slave relationships…
PIIP or WIO are innovative power tools…
Unanimous Consent is another NAP Power Tool, which is part of Pizzacracy, and Bare Minimum Politics only requiring one consenting other which can progress into Supercedure Zones…
Etc etc will progress these ideas at next get together…I provide links and definitions below.
Just knowing about Methods of Individuals that come together to Create Spontaneous Order naturally is powerful and invigorating.
And the HIFFIUFW* book by Harry Browne and overview integrates with that…

Nature to be commanded must be understood. A is A and man’s mind is capable of knowing it. One can’t have his cake and eat it! And moral code based on non sacrifice of self nor others…



Some people follow a group, package deals, stolen concepts, contradictory identification and non sequitors…

And fail to distinguish What is Free and Freedom…


And blame “Capitalism” for the evils being committed by Governments and their Crony Corporations!

http://tinyurl.com/Capitalism-is-ECONOMICS-W not Politics, so why is this something to be aware of? And why do I use the term free market…

Excerpt: *For a recommended, personalized system of governance, see the articles at the following links.




Related article:

Capitalism [as an Economic System] vs Planned Economy — Capitalism ALWAYS wins!

See the excerpt from Capitalism ALWAYS wins! by Simon Black


Here is another more subtle Identity Trap: to expect others to be same as one. And to try to make them like oneself.


I supercede that by taking Direct Alternatives: what control directly. Not other people.

While others are told and may accept “A” is “B” by their leaders, they can be confused, controlled, played, bribed with their own money by politicians etc

You and I are questioning what we observe, and working it out, integrating it such that have a possibility of non contradictory identification (objectivity)…

Using logic, context and principles and history…

It’s a skin game…and we bare the consequences…

The govt leaders are removed from consequences as if I need point it out that it is their followers who bear the burden of being ruled and ruling others…

More specifically you and I as individuals respect ownership of ourselves and others by taking Directly Alternatives, what control directly. Not controlling other people.

Direct alternative: A choice available to you that requires only direct action by yourself to get a desired result. (See also indirect alternative.)

Indirect alternative: A choice available to you that requires that you induce someone else to do what is necessary to achieve your objective. (See also direct

Excerpt of a definition fleshed out in: *How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World. By Harry Browne.

Here: is good overview that will give you info you asked for!

You and I are already doing many of these things. It’s an ever growing spiral.
Adding nuances and understandings, to enjoy more freedom, variety, novelty etc…
Thanks for the questions and interest to get together soon!
Indeed FROM BOUNDLESS where I started my Progression by Incremental Improvement and Prototyping…

TO Where I started paddling and or driving on Freedom Road


Away from:

Watch “malvina reynolds – little boxes” on YouTube

To this:


I realize it relates and is PERSONALLY RELEVANT to FIRST standing in a position of freedom.

Dreaming about what I want. Comparing those wants to my life. Getting rid of what does not fit my wants. Using the proceeds of that to fund my new life…

Watch “Liveaboard life: minimalism in a tiny home at sea” on YouTube



Watch “Low-rent liveaboard life in high-rent San Francisco Bay” on YouTube

Nice. The shape of the roof is a hyperbolic paraboloid. Very nicely USED for that boat.


See “Stop dreaming and START BUILDING some real sea steads”.


In the interim why not try Harold Hough’s Freedom Road.


Watch “How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!” on YouTube


But really the issue at hand is how to live and express in the attitude and action of a man, with a benevolent universe premise, in interactions with oneself and others…

This–Dreaming about what I want. Comparing those wants to my life.

Getting rid of what does not fit my wants. Using the proceeds of that to fund my new life–CHANGES the DYNAMIC so I am NOT HAVING TO GIVE UP things. I am CLEARING myself to find, Connect and live my Values/Needs and FLOW within conduits of an abundance of what makes my life better. ~ Paraphrased from Harry Browne “How I Found Freedom in an UNfree World”

Ref: SFZT Starting From Zero Technique


There is a balance of time and place and context for working with others in different capacities in the remnants of ability-pyramids and comparative advantages (self fully but never for and never living for them to create any resentment or rancor) and Doug Casey begins to point to that in his Fresh Start article.

The above is my version of Doug Casey’s PRIMARY, Fresh Start, Incrementally Improved using The Starting from Zero technique paraphrased from Harry Browne’s “How I Found Freedom in an UNfree World.” And Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”…

A SECONDARY idea is that man is a social animal, and we tend to prefer to run with others who are like us – or who love what we love. Birds of a feather flock together, in either case.

Doug Casey on Phyles




Indeed there are those who understand the Differences between Faking Spontaneous Order via Majoritarianism I.E Democracy Versus Unanimous Consent


Here is an excellent intro and essay on how Unanimous Consent already works in our every-day world. It is one of two “founding documents” that L Neil Smith wrote–this one in 1989–supporting the Covenant of Unanimous Consent


Here is a Bare Minimums of Unanimous Consent Power Tool I use to start to SILENTLY FILTER Philosophy of Liberty Subscribers that play to strengths of myself and OTHERS Functional–Reciprocating–Rights, and form follows functional Dynamics of Direct Alternatives.


As it relates the autarchist will control himself in his own best interests. He will cooperate with others, individually or in groups, when he wishes to do so for his own gains. If he does not believe that cooperation in a given case will benefit him, he will refrain from such cooperation. He will not be coerced, and he will refrain from coercing others, even for their own good.

He will replace the apparent necessity for general coercion by clear evidence that he requires no coercion. He will no longer concern himself with what others ought to do because he will be too busy doing what he ought to do.

The autarchist is an intellectual activist. He is a builder, not a destroyer.

Browse the highlights…


by Robert LeFevre


No one should be in charge…except of oneself

This is a completely different paradigm than what is out there…

I.E. volyuntarist believes and lives via non aggression principle and owning oneself…Vs
No one is the boss of others…

Yet most i.e. Statists Can’t fathom the idea and its giant contradictions because of propaganda… a pseudo religious belief that gives them an exemption from morality that one needs to rule over others or be ruled ahem hmm…otherwise there would be no order and yet it is the cause of inhumanity and chaos!

What? What am I talking about?
This may get someone interested or get oneself ahmm in dire straights.

So I find myself private from sales people snoops, shmoos, statists etc only interested in those who can hear or already attracted to what you and I do…Voluntarism in all phases of my life.

E.G. 1. The Idea of Pizzacracy which I spoke Vs Majoritism


2. Related to Unanimous Consent is a Utopian Vision -or- I Dreamed I Was a Signatory In My Maidenform Bra

The article may be seen by scrolling down from this link:

Which also links to What is a simple Political and Moral Filter that describes what I will do instead of enslaving controlling others? http://tinyurl.com/Covenant-and-Galts-Oath-W

Which has link why I need a Political statement or Filter for myself what I subscribe to Vs Rule others…


Finally, What is the Bare Minimum to get along with just one other.


PS To avoid these kind of problems. Larken Rose names the problem. Yet I do NOT recommend waking up statists (but one self)”Larken Rose How Wakie Up Statists From Their Mind Control” on YouTube.


Similarly The following *Topics* thread also goes thru 1. Pizzacracy and tinyurl(DOT)com/Covenant-and-Galts-Oath-W link and adds on the same page 2. A Utopian Vision both that already live in and can Extend for oneself.

3. And adds link into what is Autarchy (Voluntarism)…



It’s as if I had a spontaneous X ray capability to see thru differences in education, rationality and beliefs to see core principles and actions even if the person does not know what a principle is!

When it is I ENSURING the Job [focusing on Gift Giving and playful fun] of living peacefully with myself without putting myself in positions that create Resentment, and taking the Direct Alternative Response Ability and Risk *of paying the price* to make good my life experience, rep and on-going freedom–I am Interacting and Working it Out (Progressing Incremental Improvements via Prototyping) and Objectifying Self Reliance, Security and Next Step Future Trade opportunities with compatibles.

Paraphrased from Harry Browne’s The Great Milk Robbery via my subjective understanding and choice of values and biases etc…


The Unselfishness Trap

by Harry Browne

[From How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, 1973]


And ‘Freedom Has No System–Challenge the premise. There is no “we.”’ http://zerogov.com/?p=2334 in the sense of I and thou enslaved or forced or expected to serve one.

I have teased out the “we”-ism and NAP facets as they relate in this blog/article.


A reminder: 8 minute summation of the HIFFIUFW book I sent a friend: Watch “Harry Browne – Anti-Freedom Traps” on YouTube



I was prompted recently, Jan 10th, 2019, to search and review what Scott Gilbert wrote about goals, systems and strategies as it relates to his work and free time as a Process within a day to day and perhaps day to week but not moonshots…

I had also already researched and progressed unfolding as it relates to differences between a voluntarist and nonvoluntarist.

Ying yang – Connect
Which linked me here when a friend spoke of a term I don’t use/that has Contoured and Nuanced meaning for me.
I realize by working with the term
“short and long term goals” that it is more a Work-It-Out and Carry Forward Interaction of Where am I, What’s Next Implicitly and Explicitly from where I already am and what InfraStrucures I’m accustomed to using…
The heavy lifting as it were has already occurred to bring me to where I am and in the manner/premises I have come to be here. See SFZT Starting From Zero Technique.
So that it has agreeable useful meaning to me. I.E. Within a Contextual Purpose, Re-Flagging, Re-Setting Immersive Natural Re-Prompting Action…
I believe Wilson’s Governance Bare Minimums, PIIP Methods aligned with hands off Capitalism respectively come in handy for this action, replicated in Boundless and Methodological Individualism Article Connect Links. Which I will comeback and put here.
Boundless Bit by Bit – Connect


And or search my Connect Blog.


In addition I see upon review that I said I will build above article from these links.
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