Ownership I. Work-It-Out title or sub-title:

I am imagining, guessing, exploring: That [A]. Buckminster Fuller and [B]. Bruce Lee were *Interacting seperately and later found to be Developing and *Carrying Foward Similar Implicit Intricacies and Facets [Gene Genlin Terms] as [C]. That was Explicated by Ludwig Von Mises Human Action: Spontaneous Order of Individuals in society driven by methodological individualism (See [D]. Bare Minimums of Unanimous Consent and [E] Work-It-Out Tools-Dennis Wilson) and human ignorance in making “yes” and “no” on the margin calculations for others.  (See F. Marginal “Steps Toward a Better Life – Jeffrey Tucker”). I’ll get to G. Non Violent Coomunication and H. Da Vinci and how that relates… 


Preamble Intro and Excerpt


🗝[A]. Starting with and Working Out Buckminster Fuller • Model AND • Trim Tab Insights.



• MODEL [2#]





The engineer Buckminster Fuller is often cited for his use of Trim Tabs [1#] [AND for me his New Model Paradigm Shift [2#] as a metaphor for leadership and personal empowerment. [Prior to this I have pictured Bruce Lee etc] In the February 1972 issue of Playboy, Fuller said:

Something, hit me very hard once, thinking about what [Carry Forward] one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary—the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there’s a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trim tab.

It’s a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all.

(So I said that the LITTLE individual can be a [methodological individualism] trim tab [in the division of labor ocean of individuals and institutions and cultures].

Another school of thought [the command control top down domination school thinks Society is chaos [C] … going right by you [whilst you do your own thing], that it’s left you altogether.) [And yet they miss that INDIRECTLY each individual doing his own thing happen to create a PATH thru the forest of complexity of groups and war traps etc, which includes such things as SELF CORRECTING [Dennis Wilson’s Progressing by Incremental Improvements and Prototyping PIIP [E] pricing, making and delivering bread or Private Security and or Marshal Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication NVC supported by DW’S Bare Minimums of Covenant of Unanimous CONSENT applications of Non Agression Principles [D] **to whole cities**, which was not the INTENTION of each individual nor within their CAPABILITY as one individual to dictate. What Hayek called Spontaneous Order from Ludwig Mises Human Action…(on economics and behaviour) [C]]

But if you’re doing DYNAMIC things…the fact is that you can just [step to your own beat and Creatively Filter via Innovative Tools like The Bare Minimums of Covenant of Unanimous Consent [D],  and Progress by Incrementally Improvement  and Prototyping (innovate) [E]. with those in your groove mind set] put your foot out [Forward FOR YOURSELF] (and [INDIRECTLY] the whole big ship of state, statism, domination, punishment is going to go). 

This is off the cuff, surfing a stream of this and that…that ultimately pans out…”be water my friend” ~ Bruce Lee, Buckminster Fuller, Ludwig Von Mises, Marshal Rosenberg, Dennis Wilson paraphrased.

So I said, call me Trim Tab.


— Buckminster Fuller

NB: I have since realized that while I had explicitly amended and paraphrased Fuller’s Trimtab quote because of my Work-It-Out here, it’s not till now that I realize that without those amendments the Trimtab narrative could have been misconstrued as at odds with the premises of his New Model Paradigm quote i.e. don’t fight the existing model/system BY putting your trimtab foot out. And I was able to Carry Foward at a high level: PIIP, Covenant of Unanimous Consent and line up the two Bucky quotes and this LEADS into  TWO Bruce Lee quotes.

The official newsletter of the Buckminster Fuller Institute is called “Trimtab”.[4]



“Be water my friend” ~ Bruce Lee


“A [particular personal] goal (action, conversation,  Progress by Incremental Improvement and Prototyping or Work-It-Out) is NOT always meant to be Reached [E.PIIP™ takes place one small step at a time and emphasizes the learn-by-doing aspect of improving. This naturally includes making changes and monitoring results, then adjusting.] It often SERVES SIMPLY as something [Feedback Progression via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping] to Aim [and re-aim Work-It-Out] at [different aspects: large-scale pre-planning and extensive project scheduling are REPLACED by smaller experiments (prototypes), which can be rapidly adapted (backing out if need be with capital intact) as new improvements are suggested. While PIIP™ may deliver small improvements a mindset, environ and culture of continual small improvements and standardization yields ENORMOUS results in a form of COMPOUND productivity improvement and flexibility I.E. “Continuously Flowing Improvement” facilitating curiousity/sweet challenges instead of debilitating, demotivating and stasis.

It helps reflect/identify actual strengths (and causes of problems without getting bogged down in productivity hampering defect control) and transform a current state to desired state with fun, variety, novel reasons to buy in, using Working Prototypes.]!” [To the extent that you are the Proprietor of your life, free to associate, secede, have equality of liberty without issue of age, gender, race etc and as long as rights are individual and not group additive and no initiation of force i.e. Non Aggression Principle (See Dennis Wilsons Bare Minimum Precepts and Supercedure Zone of Covenant of Unanimous Consent] [And to the extent I can stay connected with and express my own Values and Requests without Master Slave Domination, Duty, Nice dead people Obligation Bureaucratic 4 Ds of NVC Diagnosis, Demand, Deserve, Denial of Responsibility (See  NVC Nonviolent Communication) ~ Bruce Lee, Dennis Lee Wilson and Marshal Rosenberg paraphrased.


 Indeed I  will describe the means to accomplish the above and how to “be like water” etc using Best teachers, Big dreams and their Creative power tools!




I have so far taken Dennis Lee Wilson’s PIIP Progress by Incremental Improvement and Prototyping,  applied it to the ABOVE i.e. B. Bruce Lee and A. Buckminster Fuller Quotes to initiate an Exploration that INCLUDES C. Ludwig Von Mises’s Human Action Economics and Spontaneous Order in society that comes from respecting the preferences of Methodological Individualism i.e. of doing one’s own thing, without the initiation of force i.e NAP Non Aggression Principle and underlies and supports Dennis Wilson’s Bare Minimum Covenant of Unanimous Consent and Marshal Rosenbergs NVC which I expand on below



The Bare Minimum is a Work-It-Out (PIIP™) Created Tool developed separately, using L Neil Smith’s, Covenant of Unanimous Consent to provide an explicit dynamic way to achieve (political relationship) BREAK-THRUS and increase the odds of finding SUBSCRIBERS and creating peaceful enlivening productive Work-It-Out Environs using something we do every day…

Using Dennis Lee Wilson ‘s Bare Minimums of Unanimous Consent to describe actions predicated on NAP, to make easy, to sum up, point to and to objectify the bare Minimums for a Relationship with another…   


…It’s as if I have a Spontaneous X Ray Political capability to intellectually See Thru DIFFERENCES in education, rationality and beliefs to see and  understand core principles and actions even if the person does not know what a principle is i.e. The Non Aggression Principle in Action…

I started this project by progressing my writings and telling myself it was in order to specifically take Buckminster Fuller Modelling and TrimTab insights to create corollary connections in a way that did not exist before…


Inspired by such as Spock Mind Meld–without physical contact– using a Spontaneous X-Ray Sonar, Energy Life Form Surfing enhanced communication capability 

I used each freedom Tool to get the next:

I furthered my practice of what matters most, which is to actually learn Marshal Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication or Giraffe Language [G] and informally integrate it with Michael Gelb’s 7 Principles of Leonardo Da Vinci in order to Creatively express, notate, keep track of, hear, live and improv a Language and Conversation within myself and other’s multiple (internal and external fictional and unfictional) voices–not unlike Gandhi, King,  Szasz, Shakespeare, Spock–and perhaps like them I am helped indirectly by a westering man, a mtn man and a woman friend *dynamically standing on the shoulders of Atlases across history and the world…*


 I have brought this work together across my articles and using PIIP™ I have concentrated The Covenant of Unanimous Consent and NVC  into Mobile X Ray, Sonar, Surfing Like Tools/Maps integrated with my Samsung Note 4.

Here is an example of such a Work-It-Out (PIIP™) Project and Power Tool including Covenant of Unanimous Consent *dynamically standing on the shoulders of Atlases across history AND the world…* as it relates to security. 

  • And Interposition Work It Outs in Germany, and or Just Go Straight to Iceland


And it is waiting for the following to be documented with Interposition. I do integrate this New Model and TrimTab–as a way to surf the Flow–here in this article.




Using Marshal B. Rosenberg’s Giraffe Ears and Language Technology I describe and relate Observations and Actions predicated on Facts and Connection…and other aspects to make it relatively easy to see, hear, feel, value and request IN THE MOMENT such that when both our Needs are known, and echoed there is Relief, from which the Solution will find us within 20 minutes…


…It’s as if I had an on going Spontaneous Sonar or X ray and surfing capability to use my intellect both politically and empathically to hear, see thru DIFFERENCES in education, rationality and beliefs (Strategies) to be able to recap, understand and INTERACT with what’s driving a situation: i.e. their and or my core values even if the person does not know what empathy or a principle is.

Continued Here: 



From these New Ways, I create space and energy and time slowed down to realize more clearly:  Indeed

“A [particular personal] goal (end, strategy and conversation) is NOT always meant to be reached. It often SERVES SIMPLY as something to aim at!” ~ Bruce Lee which is part of “be water” and letting go (relaxing) and enjoying because I am living and surfing the flow and the results as I go…

And that my life has now changed–actually SOAKING in–because of using Three New Dynamic Models that makes an existing domination, punishment matrix obsolete. ~ Bucky paraphrased

A REPRISE: How does this play out Entrepreneurily?


I am much involved in PIIP™, Covenant of Unanimous Consent and Non Violent Communication Work It Outs which are used to explicitly and dynamically bring together Top teachers, Big dreams and Creative Tools such as COUC, NVC and Simple Order/Scheduling Excel sheet variations, to create guest (internal external) appreciation that did not exist before. 
This makes it possible using Progress by Incremental Improvement via Prototyping informally referred to as Work-It-Out to cross train, catalyze/ensure exciting fun internal and external guest pipelines, ROI platforms, sales channels, trending movements where an owner can see immediately who is doing what and free up mgtmemt and crews whilst taking a huge load off their shoulders…to create something Anthony Bourdain summed up later as Artesenal Whole Foodism…
One of my Operations Projects–based on hand shake–led to turning around a national company via a startup. Making it possible to run/migrate it remotely and transparently, which led to windfall buyout (3/4 billion and cash for stock) for my clients…

It was inspired by Preston’s book on Ken Iverson CEO Nucor Mini Mills, which took out US Steel using farm workers…

I have since been travelling the US on my RV pulling my prototype Mercedes…

A REPRISE: How does this play out in one’s Personal Life and Relationships? 

Is this possible in that context?

P. 44 of Wendy McElroy’s ebook “The Art of Being Free”: provided byliberty.me:
“…order espoused by Mises and Hayek was a spontaneous one in which individuals pursued their own diverse interests without coordination by a central authority. What does such an order look like?”

It occurs to me such order looks like how I make it possible to play to Jeffrey Tucker’s ideas on Methodological Individualism and Wendy Mcelroy’s [Mises Human Action] Spontaneous Order by mindful and respectful connection that others live on the margin with different yes or no preferences and strategies as it relates to each ones needs/values. Can such spontaneous order emanate from Methodological Individualism?

Progress via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping, Bare Minimums of Unanimous Consent and NVC, Non Violent Communication, give me and others technology to know how to and peacefully clear the way to freedom, creativity and to innovate…

The models reflect back what is often UNSEEN and unappreciated. They are FILTERS that make my life richer, more pictureque, freerer and makes it possible for benevolence, live and let live and OPPORTUNITY for SPONTANEOUS ORDER to occur and benefits from that to manifest. It is a HIFFIUFW How I Found Freedom in an UnFree World Harry Browne power tool that dovetails with Jeffrey Tuckers Marginal Steps to Living a better Life and Mcelroy’s The Art of Being Free


Marginal Steps Toward a Better Life – Jeffrey Tucker – Liberty.me
https://tucker.liberty.me/marginal-steps–toward-a-better–life/Proxy  Highlight

And Wendy Mcelroy’s The Art of Being Free

How I Freed Myself. And how many of us already live and breathe and understand the difference between Majoritarianism (forcing non subscribers) Vs Unanimous Consent (concentrating on subscribers predicated on Bare Minimum NAP Actions between and amongst themselves and why that is sufficient). Which are you?

Watch “FULL – Nonviolent Communication Workshop – Marshall Rosenberg (2000) (Multi Subtitles)” on YouTube



The creme de La creme


Watch “Intimate Relationships   Marshall B  Rosenberg Part 3” on YouTube



Watch “Intimate Relationships   Marshall B  Rosenberg Part 4” on YouTube



How does this play out in one’s Community?

Segway, indeed there would appear to be many multiple Bare Minimums of Unanimous Consents within which many subjective “yes” and “nos” FLOW from  individuals choosing and setting aside goals, without initiating coercion of a nation state including domination language NOR NEED to CONVERT others.


…and in my case manifesting that division of labor and comparative advantages via the purposeful challenges and SERENITY* of a NVC and mobile retreat Galt’s Gulch.

Progressing and Incrementally Improving and Prototyping Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and Closing The GAP regarding Nathaniel Brandon’s Problem Statement: The Benefits and Hazards of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand: A Personal Statement


I am actively reviewing with a multiplicity of value and need synonyms and antonyms of say SERENITY–it could be something else each time depending on feeling and stimulus I observe–and focusing on flickering flame  of alivness I devine and receive when I connect with say my need for ORDER–is it abundance calm, confluence, ease  confidence, consistency, equanimity, flow, focus harmony, interdependence, predictability, simplicity, SERENITY, stability, structure, tranquility, trust, wholeness? Which?

I have huge preferences and curiosity and investment in actually SOAKING in the life enlivening triggering effect of Synonyms; Actual ACTIVE Observations; Feelings; Values; Startegies [sic] for Acceptance of things I cannot Change, Courage to change things I can and Wisdom to tell the difference

The last line should read Wisdom to tell the difference…


…and the immediate cleansing articulation feedback physiology of Human Action in the body and in relationships (political and economics) that manifests in that moment continuiem  when I connect with above to make room, time and space for natural energy, ideas, action, strategies to come together

…to progress, fulfil, satiate, luxuriate, savor and spur on without being addicted to pre-determined outcomes…

So far I have integrated aspects of Bruce Lee with Buckminster Fuller and Marshal B. Rosenberg amongst other things i.e. Serenity Prayer–and touched lightly on Ludwig Von Mises, Jeffrey Tucker and Harry Browne. In the following I branch off to speak to Mises aspects here as they relate


And Rosenberg as they relate, and so on…



WORKING STORAGE Where I get to Da Vinci

May 5th, 2017, I just added a missing link



I celebrate receiving from my friend the above gift and I added it to my Note 4 Samsung background and Smart Case foreground. What a difference!

Surfs up, and I may, may not be doing some major editing to this article. There are 20 or more so in my blog etc…Even so the treasure is now in my ears, tongue, mind, body, physiology, make up, intention…This is one of my 20 journeys.

Right this moment I am off to rest…tommorrow I am on stage and improv, in the morning and in the evening. I over did it today…perchance to reboot and live another dream…

I realize I am amused and re-awakened as I review the title of this article. I changed it April 8th, 2017 from “unaware” to “aware”…to I am imagining, guessing, exploring that perhaps Lee and Fuller were describing elements of…

I see at the time of revising this, evaluations and presumptions and projections, and my mind boggled flummoxed when I ask myself to Observe and support the original rendering intention that appears to be a lost translation…

Ah, it stimulates a feeling of deep Curiousity–Da Vinci’s First Principle–when I attribute UNawareness or awareness in the title…even as a guess? As an exploration? I am adding imagining, guessing and exploration to the title…it’s as if it has a life of its own!

I ask, what makes life wonderful and enriching? What am I choosing, what do I want? Demonstrating–Da Vinci’s Second Principle–means coming at an issue from 3 ways.

Invoking Sharpening the Senses–Da Vinci’s Third Principle–I search within to The Honest Educator Voice within me: My strategy (including definitions) as practiced for “perfecting” Compassionate Voluntarist Communication is NOT being met. I mourn and celebrate the need/value for efficacy, productivness, profit, closure. I release my overwhelm and leave till next time..Invoking Sfumato–Da Vinci’s Fourth Principle–Being one with the Blending of the known and unknown, the clear and unclear, the ying and yang…

This article last updated May 5th, 2017 and is permanently morphing…


A remnant and emerging Empath component within me is slowly smoothing out the combustibles such as “perfecting”–“ongoing pluperfect” finesse and refinement of a different perfect. Realizing the 5, 6, 7 Principles of Da Vinci, Balancing art-science-logic-imagination; mind-body-spirit; and Connecting it all.

A mtn man friend points out the old original meaning of “perfect”, and my mind conjures and creates and gives room to a larvae, chysallis, catepillar, butterfly and turning combustion and metamorphosis into flight to create and...

I come back from what I have discovered and learnt to refocus on abundance of paths and segways and sweet pain of not knowing the outcome, and tension of that as I continue to grope, split by the joy of my need to learn within this creative conversation and seeing process I started…

I notice the following quote by Bruce Lee describes how I started off headed one way wanting to DISOWN and give up what I wrote and felt and observed and then when I connected with my needs and what I was requesting of myself, I ended up in a slightly different place each time I revisit this article as my Observations, self learning and understanding progress! This work it out was a path I used to find and play out a conversation and language process with myself and then slowly with others and results to live in and thru. Perhaps more readily understandable regarding Gandhi and embodying that here:



Indeed  “A [particular personal] goal (end, strategy and conversation) is NOT always meant to be reached. It often SERVES SIMPLY as something to aim at!” ~ Bruce Lee

This has kept me going….

“RE-AIM” Atlas ~ Scot-Irish Mountain Man friend.



Intermission Begins

I say intermission because I see The Bruce Lee quote as it relates to actual Compassionate Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication to translate, transform and access my need for the flow elements of my Human Action (Ludwig Von Mises) but not specifically and supporting the title of this exploration (yet)…I do suspect the answer is here…How do I know?…I–my creative process–often writes the answer and it is missed until I tell myself to look!

In re-aiming at the goal of figuring out my Feelings and Needs I begin to inch my way without sight of the specific connection yet, to what stands for a “YES” and what stands for a “NO” for me as that relates. I did not realize the way I was Observing till now…nor that I have integrated the 7 principles of Da Vinci–I’ll add a link here at some point as it relates to creative process…[Ref: Smart Suit Persona–in BOUNDLESS link]

The margin is the line between “yes” and “no”, between choosing to connect and support and create what did not exist before such as space and understanding of needs so that there is room for a solution to surface…paraphrasing Jeffrey Tuckers Marginal Steps Towards a Better Life.

An early attempt to give myself hope: When one gets it thoroughly imbued in one’s head the LEADING truth that nothing happens without a cause (a progression of SMALL yes and no steps on a conduit process and prototype), one not only becomes Large-minded but Large-hearted. Yes and no…

My gaze sweeps up and I look up and to my right and breath out deeply!

The study of Cause and Effect, while it LESSENS the painfulness of life, ADDS to life’s PICTURESQUENESS.

Nothing in life is humdrum…


Creating a self  made self supporting connecting bridge of stepping stones FROM A–“an existing reality ” TO B–“a new model–[and starting line] that makes the existing model obsolete! 

That takes the edge off of feeling anxious and frustration. Without coming off like a diagnosis; or presumptious fix it strategy…only WHEN I am wearing my Marshall Rosenberg Giraffe Eye and Ear –Improv play it out–Technology…I’ll get to that in next section.

Finally, I now get that my title evaluation is a test case, a writing in the sand. Albeit overwhelming…
And it takes The Edge off…although not the edge off a feeling of vulnerability of unknowns, which I will empathize with using Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication. It’s all such a new freedom…
An assumption, a GUESS. Indeed to incrementally Prototype, AIM for and study and literaly LEARN.
My life is a multitude of continuous tiny steps Re-Guessing, Re-Aiming and building models to try on and relish and cry all my tears and laugh all my laughter…exiting the matrix…even the sweet pain is gut wrenching…
Bruce Lee IS describing elements of (PIIP) Progress By Incremental Improvement and Prototyping worked out by me and a mentor and good friend and I missed it! The method I use to evolve to this point… 
Golden Mean Spiral


I needed tools to translate and I have uncovered them and added them to my quiver…to go where no man has gone before (in my case)
Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

Eureka! INSIGHT that did not exist before, and I observe I missed acknowledging–till now–the specific connection I created a path to:

Re: “A [particular personal] goal is not always meant to be reached (destination integrated w process). It often serves simply as something to aim at [as I Progress another tipping point fun Starting Line]!” – Bruce Lee

One school of thought leads to what I am pointing to which is each individual doing their own thing [methodology] also happen to  [spontaneously] create a path thru the **forest of complexity** let alone unselfishness and groups traps, which includes such things as [the order of] SELF CORRECTING pricing, making and delivering bread  private security , Non Violent Communication to whole communities and cities,


Will you be the one? [For yourself]

Speaking up [silently] and self fully acting to save yourself when dealing with your “Drooling Beast”…

Is it something that can be scripted, EMULATED without giving in or up? Milgram’s Experiments described it did he not? The latter of which was not the INTENTION of each individual nor within their CAPABILITY as one individual to dictate; ~ Wendy Mcelroy p Ludwig Von Mises

**Caveat including handling purposefully orchestrated stampedes created by bombing countries and or shipping people via nation states…

False Flag Mass Migration Madness

Other False Flags: Is this what we are seeing now in Oregon?

PEOPLE of Nowhere. This Story May Give You Some Perspective On What A Refugee Has Experienced


On the other hand I do provide evidence of recent and relevant Grand scale models of Individual INTERPOSITION* and spontaneous blossoming of Privatized Security and Volte-face by “Nation” states and militias!

Progressing Opsec and INTERPOSITION via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping

“Who Declared War on Who? And Intro to INTERPOSITION”

Exclusive Raw Footage: An Unlost discussion to: But Wouldn’t Warlords Take Over?

Raw Footage: What I supplemented with this morning (Two, so called unsolveable conflicts, An Allegory In Space and Racist Skittles? )

Bill Gates.. Genius or a Psychopath? You Decide


Break time. Come back to notes here which are forever being edited. Leading into the Buckminster Fuller insights.

Indeed it often serves simply as something to AIM at [for myself without initiating force nor marshalling others INvoluntarily, nor using Violent Communication, nor making messes that come from such but direct individual alternative action PIIPs that I choose and how I (Harry Brownes) ultimately Discovered Adventured Freedom in an UNfree world]”. – Bruce Lee

SIMILAR to ACCESSABLE VIEWABLE baby core emulation STEPS Tim Ferris used to FULFIL his Big Dream to learn Japanese, swim and teach himself to tango with another in such a manner that made it possible (to make it to semi finals of world tango championship…if that’s solely a result goal, but as I write elsewhere in this blog (where I cannot remember), without enjoying the whole feedback process it’s a no go for me…I remember it’s in How I Freed Myself link)

SIMILAR to *critical 20%* experience and tools needed to play drums with the group Foreigner, after a 5 day immersion course…and how he realized–built and lived in–a FANTASY DREAM. A follow-up from a TED talk on a [moment by moment creation feedback] crash course breakthru immersions [1].

[1] http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2013/12/01/premiere-tonight-the-tim-ferriss-experiment-live-tweeting-giveaways-qa-behind-the-scenes-and-more/

I am reminded of Trim tab as a metaphor[2].

[“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller 

Perhaps Bruce Lee and Buckminster Fuller were INDEED aware of the phenomena of spontaneous order of individuals in society and methodological individualism and human ignorance in making calculations for others as IDENTIFIED by Ludwig Von Mises.

So I said, call me [and my skills, experience and tools to build my conduit] Trim Tab [of my OWN SHIP].

—Buckminster Fuller

2015-09-02-17-59-35The official newsletter of the Buckminster Fuller Institute is called “Trimtab“.[2#] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trim_tab#Trim_tab_as_a_metaphor

I am Progressing via Incremental Improvement and Prototyping a Samsung Note 4–that is almost always with me and helps me PROCESS multiple FLAG and signal patterns…


And Access To GO a PROOF–Proving–of Concept Conduit remotely–and a Request I will soon be making as a result of the Tool, Prototype INSIGHTS reflected, observed and I arrived at.


See link under CREATION sub heading. The following is brief context and lead into that.

I see three important aspects involved in CREATIVITY: Knowledge, Imagination, Creation.

Stephan Kinsella goes in to some (not all) of this in his article “Intellectual Freedom and Learning Versus Patent and Copyright”.


Here an example of how they are inter-related:


World’s best teachers.

An example of a Trim Tab: Samsung Note 4 that provides voice, video, recording, maps interactive access to immediate gamut of Voluntarist Connected Communication Territory, tactical and strategic.


NEW ways to use knowledge to fulfill Big dreams and have Connected Voluntarist Communication with those around us especially loved ones and OVERCOME Challenges of Complexity (of Fight Flight Freeze Flooding or what to shop for or keep an out eye for or alert) and Obligation language and behaviour of LEO, archtypes and the entrapment chains of command control.


POWER (skill, experience and tool) Trim Tabs for Learning and Communicating that did not exist before.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller



The Art and Language of Becoming Progressively Less Played!